Male UTI issues

I currently have a urinary tract infection for which I visited a urologist. He had a urine culture ordered and based on the results he gave me a script for antibiotics. Additionally, I am taking D mannose, a supplement I purchased from Vitamin Shoppe. Seems parkies are very vulnerable to getting uti's. Any advice or comments on this subject would be welcome.


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  • I had a UTI a few months back, probably the first one I've ever had. Apparently with PD, because of the muscles being affected, sometimes the bladder isn't completely emptied and this contributes to a UTI. I found drinking lots of water was very helpful and relaxing and giving myself time to empty the bladder. I haven't had a recurrence of the problem but who knows what the future holds. I also drank unsweetened cranberry juice, yikes! The jury is out on its effectiveness but what the heck.

  • I also suffer from reoccurring utis.I drink cranberry juice daily and lots of water.Sometimes if I feel one starting I drink lots of water and symptoms ease.Probiotics help to prevent them too

  • Blackfeather, you are so right about parkies being prone to uti's. I discovered that the cranberry tablets are ineffective unless you swallow very large amounts of them. I have not been able to find D mannose alone, in my country, but I did discover curcumin and olive leaf extract in combination, works very well. Two capsules of each, up to four times a day until the uti is cured, then a maintenance dosage of two capsules of each at morning and night. I discovered this in a Kindle book about uti's. Unless the uti is stopped, it leads to urinary incontinence and kidney disease. I experienced very embarrassing problems during an overseas trip last year. I only have one kidney, as my right kidney was removed along with a large tumour in 2005. Many parkies just accept urine problems as part of having Parkinson's and simply use adult diapers. Herbal cures are much better than antibiotics. For me, curcumin and olive leaf extract in combination has been great. No uti issues, no loss of control, no embarrassing moments.

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