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Adustable beds and/or Cyclotherapy

Has anyone experience of the benefits or otherwise of vibrating tables or of cyclotherapy which is a specific type of vibration therapy available in their adjustable beds and as separate devices. by Niagara Therapy (UK) Ltd. who supply a lot to the NHS in the UK. Independent Niagara companies operate in a number of countries. As I often find with lists of chronic conditions, inc.my GP's website, Parkinsons is conspicuous by its absence in their long list of conditions helped by cyclo-therapy.

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paddyfield, I am not familiar with the term cyclotherapy, but do have some comments on the concept you describe. Several years ago my daughter bought me a vibrating platform to be used to combat the problem, familiar to pwp, of "freezing" feet, ankles and sometimes higher. The device is a slanted platform which sits on the floor and provides heat or vibration or both to feet, ankles and above. I have found it quite effective in getting rid of that stiff, frozen feeling in the feet and ankles while also providing relief from PAD an d other problems. The platform is made by "Accu--vibe.". As previously stated, I had no knowledge of vibrating tables but, encouraged by the success of the foot platform, we purchased an item which seems similar to that which you describe. It is a full length foam pad (2ft. by 6ft.), to be laid on a table or mattress, and, in which a series of 5 separate vibrating units are imbedded, each with its own setting.. So far we have not used the pad long enough to have reached a conclusion as to its effectiveness, and it may need some "tweaking" , but it shows promise. It is made in Hong Kong. As to your comment re. the absence of PD from listings, much of that can be attributed to statements, made by those who supposedly know, that PD is neither painful nor, in itself, fatal.


Thanks for that. Regarding lists I'm glad it's not paranoia on my part

Considering I have been very lucky with response to meds and it takes me all my time to manage myself. Then think of the people who have a complicated regime because of the way PD affects them but I think you're quite right. It is a bit of a Cinderella and not that rare.

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I'm sorry, just seams ironic ...... Asking to be shaken....

I've often said I am going to get a job in a bar as a martini shaker.

Many other ideas could be spawned here!


I use a massage chair made by INADA. Great help




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