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Bedding and Pajamas Ideas

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Hello all! I know more information has been posted on this topic, but I'm having a difficult time finding much. For my dad, I'm looking for some ideas to make it easier for him to turn over in bed. Before moving on to bars and other apparatus, I am wondering if certain types of clothing and bedding will help? Satin? Silk? Certain athletic wear fabrics for sleeping in? His BIRTHDAY, 75th, is tomorrow and I'd like to shop tomorrow and surprise him with something nice to help his bed situation, before visiting with my husband and daughter in the early evening. Thank you! Sandra

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Some people find these type of assistive bars useful to ease entry and exit from bed, a common issue for PWP that often worsens with time.

I believe that others have mentioned satin and silk pajamas for people that use them.


I am approx same age as your father. If you were my daughter , I would tell to not worry about what I wear to bed and get me a nice fishing pole or a maybe one of those bright flashlights . Maybe you should discuss with him before you buy him silk PJ' s.

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GymBag, I just turned 75. Maybe a new pair of winter running gloves? Or boxing gloves if the gym ever reopens. On the other hand, my father (diagnosed at 90) for the next 14 years thought every assistive device that I came up with that he “didn’t need” was genius on my part after he used it.

I’ll take this a little further than PJ’s. I prefer flannel sheets because they’re not slippery and I can dig my heal or knee in to make a turn. I prefer soft mattresses to firm, because soft mattresses don’t cause pressure point sores, they also provide needed comfort to an already ridged body. Coop pillows are great and fully support your neck and head, you can remove or add additional stuffing shipped with your pillow. I personally do not like the temperature of silk.


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beang in reply to Cons10s

Just the opposite for me. I can’t abide flannel sheets.

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Juliegrace in reply to Cons10s

I had to give up flannel sheets early on. I find a high thread count 100% cotton “sateen” makes turning a little easier.

My wife just got what she calls cool bamboo sheets fromCostco vendor. Very comfortable. And easy to turn. I don’t tuck and don’t get caught in them.

When I mentioned this common problem to my PD nurse she referred me to an Occupational Therapist. After watching me on my bed she ordered a pair of directional slide sheets and a pillow case. It was great to be able to use bed stand bars to slide around the bed up and down and have the pillow adjustable. Previously I had been like beached whale. YouTube has film of them in use.

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Hi honeycombe3

"I had been like beached whale" even though I now weigh only 95 lbs, this is exactly how I feel : a totally helpless beached whale... Thanks for putting it in words!

Don’t know if you need this yet but my father really liked his Magna-ready shirts. IDK whether they make pajamas. His only complaint was that they were promiscuous-they would mate behind his back occasionally.

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GymBag in reply to beang

I have socks like that

My father sleeps in silk pajamas, which are very comfortable clothes. He likes it very much.

I once gave him a very funny kigurumi costume from it was a lion cub's pajamas. And you know what? He liked it, LOL

He began to wear it around the house and show it to the whole family. He was very grateful to me and I was glad , because I did not expect such pleasant emotions on his part. I thought he would laugh and forget , but it didn't turn out the way I expected.

And by the way, he's not a particularly healthy adult, so it was very comfortable for him to sleep in these pajamas, so I was glad that I pleased my father.

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