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How vibration therapy can alleviate tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease

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8 Replies

8 Replies
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I've been searching for an affordable hand held vibrator that is heavy, and fits into the palm, Thanks for keeping us abreast of everything over the years 😊

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to KERRINGTON

check this out... i have '2' of them in my bed and although they are on for 8 hours.. 7 days a week... these are MONSTERS and last and last and last (i've had mine over 2 years)


There are over 130 international clinical trials RIGHT NOW...

So a 'MIRACLE CURE' is just around the corner!

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BlueHawaii in reply to PDWarrior1900

Are these on your body when you are in bed?

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PDWarrior1900 in reply to BlueHawaii

yesi have one on either side of me, against each leg at the hip area

then i drape both arms on top

so i get both arm and leg vibration, both sides of my body, at the same time


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Thank you! This is a very timely post. I have a vibration plate machine, but until 4 days ago, I was not using it routinely to treat my PD.

But since I just bought my PEMF therapy mat (which I lay upon for 30 minutes daily) - I am immediately following that therapy with a 10 minute cycle on my vibration plate machine.

p.s. I also doing a BUNCH of other things as well to BEAT this f***ing disease!

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I have a vibration plate that I use 3 times a week but for osteoporosis. Never thought it might help with PD. The studies done for PD use gloves due to the number of sensory neurons in the fingertips. Fascinating.

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I've been using a plate vibration machine for a while first thing in the morning when my muscles are really stiff also you can stand or sit or do your arms in a press up position wouldn't be without it :)

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Has anyone tried the Intellinetix Therapy Gloves?

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