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Parkinson's desease, Marijuana and Stalevo

Hi folks!

I am new here!

My mum has suffered Parkinson's desease for 10 years. She is been thinking about using Marijuana to help with pain and sleep issues but she's afraid of potential coutraindications with her usual medication which is Stalevo.

(She's been taking Stalevo for 5 years)

Has anybody ever used Marijuana while on Stalevo?

Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi Fabrece fear?

Predictive text..ha ha .

People tell me marijuana is good for PD sufferers.

I've never tried it

My self medication, apart from the Levadopa is a thrice weekly trip to Weatherspoons, getting out meeting people and cheap beer. ( Other taverns available.)

Now I wonder if I can get it on the NHS?

MH -1


I doubt it will react in a bad way. She should try it. I tried a little yesterday and slept for 9.5 hrs!! Played tennis like a champ today.

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Hi Astra!

Thanks for your answer!

May I ask you if you're on any sort of L-Dopa medication while using Marijuana ?


Yes, Ive been taking stalevo for approx 10 years and smoke pot regulary and have had no problems


Hi Glenn!

Thanks so much! That's great news!


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