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Title Table Test


I had the TTT on Tuesday and I don't know what the official conclusion of the test was (Cardiac doc doesn't like to label) but this is what he said. "The results show your condition (I'm guessing he meant PD) but you are maintaining a decent BP so I don't see any need to change any of your medication. " Or at least that is what I understood him to say. He did say if I'm cutting out salt - don't anymore, and if I am restricting liquid intake - don't anymore.

The numbers went like this.. laying down my BP was 144/69. At least that was the first test when laying down I don't know the others after that. Then when I was stood up the lowest it went was 112/84. I really don't understand what it all means, but basically he said my blood pressure is not going down enough to worry about it. But I don't understand why the top went down and the bottom actually went up? Maybe my Neuro will shed some light on it when I see him next. Or maybe someone here knows if that is normal.

I did not pass out during the test but wasn't feeling so great by the end of it. The whole time I had a saline drip going.

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