Frequent nighttime urination (nocturia)

One of my most difficult to deal with non motor symptoms is nocturia. I pee 8 or 10 times a night. I keep a pee bucket by my bed sometimes receives a half gal)on a night. This problem preceded my PD diagnosis by 20 years. Anyone else have this problem? And how to treat it? It is a common problem with pwp. Btw I don't drink much fluids after early afternoon to bedtime.

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  • Please also check your sugar

  • Tamsulosin, once per day will reduce the size of your prostate gland

  • Yes. Its awful because I never get a good night's sleep.

  • You might check out sleep apnea as a possibility...not only PDcauses that.

  • This sounds unbearable, what do the docs say? Your treatment depends on the cause, but we make more urine overnight i have read.

  • It sounds counterintuitive but when my kid was wetting the bed they told us to make him drink a glass of water before bed. Otherwise the acidity would irritate the bladder and make him wee more. It seemed to help.

  • I have the same issue, I believe my medicine is the problem but there could be several factors involved such as diabetes, prostate blockage, drinking excess water, others. After I became concerned about difficulty starting at night my urologist said to attempt any surgical options without running tests would be malpractice as there was a fifty percent chance the surgery would leave me incontinent. For now the flow has improved so I just get to go 5-10 times a night. Fortunately I typically go back to sleep each time I finish going.

  • My husband uses an external catherer- a condom attached to a bag placed on leg with velcro straps. He says it is comfortable and we both can finally sleep through the night.

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