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I celebrated my 59th birthday today with my two daughters who have always been the love of my life! I hate that they see me struggle to do things that I used to do in the past without having to concentrate, and I hate them see my lack of energy, and my ability to be the fun crazy mom they grew up with. I see the worried look in their eyes when they see me do things that used to be so easy for me. Everyday I think that God gave me PD for a reason, and I pray everyday for those people who have no idea how lucky they are! We just survived hurricane matthew in south carolina and when I listen to people with their so called first world problems, like they lost cable during this horrible storm, I know that I am here to be an inspiration for someone somewhere who does not have the love from their family that I have! And that keeps me going!

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  • You are indeed, lucky to have you're daughters, around you and showing

    Concern for you... with you're PD.

    My husband has advanced PD, and his/ our family, have really shown how much they do not want to be part of his life, as he is now, whereas before this awful illness took hold we were a close loving family.

    I'm the main carer for my husband.. having severe health issues myself..

    We have carers,. Fortunately , else I could not cope.

    I wish you to be well as can be.. and best wishes to you and you're family


  • a lot of dysfunctional familys today.

  • I hear a lot of stories of the 50s family, my own, to know that (for the most part) they were just as dysfunctional. They were just better at hiding it.

  • Thanks for the kind words! Good luck to you and your husband!!

  • I have 2 wonderful daughters and a wonderful husband and I am so thankful for as well and just sent them this with a thank you note! Thank you for reminding me how good we have it! Made my day!

  • I also have two daughters who struggle seeing me with my difficulties. I have always maintained my sense of humor about this and often joked about my Parkinson's disease, much to the dismay of my wife at times. my daughters share my humorous perspective while balancing it with a serious concern about me. My favorite moment was when my older daughter said to me, seeing me lying on the floor in pain, "dad, I can't bear to see you like this. Could you please go into another room?" You are so right that Parkinson's disease changes your perspective about what serious problems are. You sound like you have a wonderful attitude. If your daughters didn't love you they would not look at you with such concern. It comes with the package. I have no doubt that if positions were reversed you would react the same way.

  • Love it. I get some ribbing from my kids. That's probably due to the years I sent them to school, yelling at them and the neighborhood, " HAVE FUN STORMING THE CASTLE !!!!!"

  • I raised my two girls on my own, and we have always had so much fun! I try to keep up with their high energy level they inherited from me but what the heck I am no spring chicken. I am thankful for what I have and try not to worry about what I don't have. I often joke with my girls about now I have time to do things for them, cause I am unable to work, which is a good and bad thing. It is also nice to see them truly concerned about me and yet we still can have fun together!

  • First happy birthday I prey you will find the strangth in your girls as I have, my husband has CBD a very painful atypical Parkinson's. Girls are a blessing and will always be the light and love always. I agree and hope those who not as lucky as you and I to have a great support system that someone will step up and be there for them. God bless🙏

  • You can either be discouraged by your Parkinson's, or you can confront it and embrace it and go on with your life. You didn't mention your exercise routine, but many neurologist now consider it the number one way to start combatting your symptoms.

    A well-known documented program is . I am a ten year beneficiary of that program which changed my life.

    You can look on the website to see whether there is a location near you, or message me. I will also try to post or message you my tenure experience with the program. You also as a person of faith might check II Corinthians Ch. 12. It helped me

  • Hi, I exercise all of the time! The club that I work out at suffered severe damage due to hurricane matthew, but a friend of mine gave me a key to the fitness center where he lives. I especially love swimming and can not wait til my club reopens. I would love to hear about your experience with the rocksteady program. My problem is that I just can't afford to do it all. I do yoga and walk my dog alot too!

  • We have to remember that the only thing we can control (and sometimes not as well as we'd like) is our reactions. We have today, and only today. if tomorrow comes then do it all again with the same fresh attitude. Everyday is a gift.

    I too can let myself go off into the future wondering who will rally when I'm blowing in a straw to turn left! I choose not to............

    Gathering enough nuts to get you through the next winter day, one day at a time, is much less stressful on most of us that can't handle the stress of a hangnail if we think about it long enough.

  • You are so right, we only have today! Some times it is difficult to think about might be or could be. I try to always have something fun planned, a friend of mine who is 76, says she jumps out of bed everyday even on those days when her body isn't up to it!

    yes, I can find myself getting caught up in hang nail issues:)

  • are you still able to work? sometimes i wished i could work and then reality hits and I realize I can no longer handle a real job:(

  • you have a real job.... Living..... In all it's curves, hills, and otherwise impassable conditions, remember what you have was given to you knowing full well of your capabilities to handle the situation.

  • Thanks! I needed to hear that!

  • I did finally succumb to the fact I couldn't work any longer. I have many friends in the trades that will occassionally comment how they wish they didn't have to work today....

    I tell them "Be careful what you wish for!"

  • I have two daughters too. It hurts when they watch me to struggle with simple movements (when my Madopar not yet kicks in) but say nothing. I know they feel my pain too. I'm not sure if any comforting words will make me feel any better. By the way, pretending not to notice is the simplest way to cope with the situation.

  • I sometimes think we parkies are our own worst critics! We see and feel the symptoms more than those around us!

    I often get panicky in public places just thinking about getting panicky!! How crazy is that?

  • Sounds completely normal to me! Although "normal" should just be used to refer to the setting on a clothes dryer........

  • Exceptionally well put. Happy Birthday. Accepting life as it has been given you, accepting the hand a fate and its challenges with Grace and reflecting your love back to your family will be valued today and treasured in the future to carry them forward with their life challenges.

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