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led lights by and frequencies

dr mercola's newsletter on led lights is fascinating, suggesting they have effect on aging/mitocodria (read energy)

a comment on same newsletter, suggests I don't have to worry about getting led tv, that it's frequencies that make the difference. he said we are like robots that run on frequencies...............? wish I knew more about this! anybody? I do know we (synapses?) run on .07 volts and I just bet it figures in pd.

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Great news enjoy your LED TV. They are great ! Put in your request and I hope Santa brings you one this year.


lol. they're on sale at cdn tire, flat screen, 40" for $250.

seriously though, they treat blood pressure I think it said with infrared light....heavy subject for me, electrician aboard?

did you read the comment section about frequencies? mind altering.


I believe that beside frequency the timing of the exposure matters/ Dr Greg Willis of the bronowski institute has been working on these issues for PD for some years and checking his website re Bright light Therapy is worthwhile.

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