Cause of Parkinson's as postulated by Noel Batten on and Robert Rogers Ph.D

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I have not been to since I've been diagnosed with Parkinson's. At that time I bought road to recovery from Parkinson's compiled by Robert Rogers I have Revisited the site now since I wanted to listen to@silvestrove, s (Richard Melvin )presentation on the blog radio. If you have not listened to it yet it's very interesting and the amount of information put into an hour is just amazing.

Yesterday I also stumbled on Robert Rogers presentation by Noel Batten.

Noel Batten is postulating, just as dr. Parkinson did many years ago that the Parkinson's disease is caused by misalignment of C1 and C2 neck joints. Also you can have other involvement in the spine it could be curvature and other misalignment and problems.

If it is correct it is going to make a tremendous difference in your Parkinson as some of the videos from the site show before and after. He also has a definite program that you can Implement with the help of a massage therapist or somebody in that line of work.

You can check out some of the included videos in the presentation you can go to Noel Batten for more information . In my mind that dovetails with exercise Theory since exercise can produce such wonderful results in your spine in your muscles, your whole body's alignment.

Again, food for thought. Mary

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  • Always interested in the etiology of PD, a while back I looked into Noel Batten and his postulated cause of PD. He referenced James Parkinson and his theory that 'skaking palsy' was caused by a "misalignment of C1 and C2 neck joints." If just so happens that at one point Parkinson thought PD was caused by an alternative reason other than neck problems:

    "Parkinson was groping and assumed that a derangement of the brain's medulla was at fault'.....he was convinced that Parkinson's was caused by rheumatoid arthritis, suggesting the treatment of blood-letting from the upper neck , followed by the application of a liniment as a possible cure (Parkinson 1817)'. Source: Dr. Lawrence Broxmeyer, "Parkinson's Another Look: Is Parkinson's caused by a bacteria?"

    I also read Batten's study of PwP and neck problems as its cause and it is seriously flawed. The patients were not randomly chosen and there was not a control group. Meaning, all the treated patients had pre-existing neck problems and they ignored all other Pwp without neck problems. Now if they would have randomly chosen a group of Parkinson's patients, regardless of neck problems or not, and through chiropractic adjustment their collective condition(s) improved, then the theory has validity. In so many words, by cherry picking PwP with a possible contributing condition, neck problems, and by showing improvement through chiropractic adjustment, they only showed that neck problems may have been a contributing factor for this group of patients.

    Of course it would also have been more interesting if they would have tried Parkinson's other treatment method - lol.

  • Sounds like big pharma's trials.

  • If your only tool is chiropractic adjustment, every problem looks like a subluxation. :)

    There is good evidence pesticides cause PD. Pyrethroids had been thought to be non-toxic to humans, and are freely sold for home use, but that is mistaken. See Parkinson's and Pesticides here:

  • Great article opened my eyes to see how small an exposure could be. I have always tried to be so careful not to use anything like that but who knows. Something like this would have happened many years ago and I simply don't remember. I know that as a child I was exposed to DDT Mary

  • This fits with my own belief in the benefits of yoga for PD. I have PD but am now training to be a yoga teacher to help others with similar problems. At the heart of yoga is good alignment! Interesting what you say about neck discs. Pre-diagnosis my MRI showed these discs to be out!


  • I had these vertibrae checked when I came across noel battens theory. .Unfortunately mine were fine...

  • My father (who had PD) had no neck problems. My parkinsonism was caused by insecticides/herbicides etc.... and I have no neck problems. The study was a stacked deck not worthy of much attention. Of course if you do have neck problems you should get it looked at and it may improve your condition.

    Also, the 'misalignment of C1 and C2 neck joints' hypothesis does not take into account that scientific evidence points to PD starting in the 'gut' then following up the vagus nerve to the brain thus forming the aggregation of Lewy bodies and nerve cell damage. Better known as Braak's Dual Hit Hypthesis:

    How does a neck problem explain the loss of the sense of smell?

  • Hi, have you read anything that would explain how come a lot of people have the sense of smell come back? For instance mine came back back, after a few years . Since smell and taste are tied together food was pretty much bland to me but now I can both smell and taste again. thanks mary

  • looks to me, that pd can be caused by anything that interferes with neurons, (mold, viruses, bacteria, environmental insult, etc.) I mean, it's grand central station and in a confined area. be great if we could flush brain.

    I guess immune system does that but it uses bio chemicals that sometimes translate into even more toxic compounds.

  • So a sympton like "post nasal drip" is a likely cause this according to this hypothesis

  • Have you seen The Case of the Frozen Addicts yet ?

    Just Google it if you haven't.

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