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Parkinson's assumed causes and treatment options

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Perfusion issues


Milk and dairy

Heavy metals



Pinched nerve

Bad luck


Stem cells


Resveratrol / Red wine

alpha gpc / cdp choline

CBD oil



Nutritional Lithium

Focused Ultrasound

Fecal Microbiota Transplants







Red light


Bacillus Subtilis

Good luck



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Pd is caused by being unlucky and can be cured by being really really really lucky!

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JayPwP in reply to bassofspades

I agree. Post updated :)

Another good one is being a mouse. Those mice in the lab get cured all of the time !

mostly because those mice were induced to develop PD with specific known causes.

You have a great sense of humor, bassofspades!

Thanks my good friend , ya gotta with pd!

or a fruit fly LOL

I thought about what was the possible cause for my PD just this morning. I used to have a dive shop and poured lead to make weight belts and I also replaced a lot of dry suit seals using heptane solvent. Before that I worked spraying weed killer containing 24-D on lawns. I really didn't stand a chance

Certainly these are know causes

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rhyspeace12 in reply to Pilot108

My father did most of those things and 18 years after i was born, he had a son with autism.

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PDGal4 in reply to Pilot108

My father was a cabinet maker and worked nights in our basement. Along with lacquer thinner and linseed oil, he used toluene to glue formica to a wooden base. Toluene is on the list (of suspected or known causes, can't recall). I remember it as a bright aqua color that dried colorless. He also had a fondness for spraying DDT on bugs in our yard, kept a supply around and continued to use it after it was banned.

My father also had Parkinson's, my mother Alzheimer's. No one knew any better in those days,

I forgot I was also a thumb sucker so who knows what I had on there before I stuck it in my mouth. Glad I finally broke the habit but unfortunately I was 52 at the time. Last but not least I have amalgam fillings.

Never smoked cigarettes but maybe should have to prevent PD

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Grumpy77 in reply to Pilot108

Where did you get the idea that smoking cigarettes could prevent or delay PD?

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JayPwP in reply to Grumpy77

Smokers have a lower incidents of PD, hence the correlation

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rescuema in reply to Grumpy77

"Former smokers had a 20% decreased risk and current smokers a halved risk of developing PD compared with never smokers."

My vote is.for Aspartame/Phenylalanine

I swell up with hives and get doubled over with stomach cramps with 30 minutes of ingesting the stuff

Round-Up is another one

There should Be a class action law suit for this in addition to the lymphoma lawsuit

Why is pinched nerve listed as a cause (as opposed to an effect)? Evidence for this?

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rescuema in reply to Oceangir

I'd say it's an indirect correlation in result of oxidative stress and inflammation in general.

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JayPwP in reply to Oceangir

Please see my reply below

Have to send this one to my middle brother , who also has PD, and who had a nerve in his foot severed several years ago! First i have heard of that link... it does make me think about other pinched Nerves in my arms, hands and shoulders.

thanks for posting

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JayPwP in reply to Sapeye2020

PD is a movement disorder, and movement is also dependent on neurofeedback, how much to move and when to stop.

I hypothise if a pinched nerve alters neurofeedback, it will eventually alter the movement and as a result the part of the brain which controls the movement.

I know I will be butchered for this comment, but I still feel my case is a result of pinched nerves. My right hand is clawed (ring and little finger), suggestive of ulnar nerve pinch, which can occur in the neck, brachial plexus, armpit, elbow or wrist, but doctors only look at spine.

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Hikoi in reply to JayPwP

Clawed fingers - not dupuytrens contracture by any chance? Change your doctor if they only look at spine! They are no good.

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JayPwP in reply to Hikoi

I don't know what that means but I will find out. Thank you.

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Rosenmu in reply to JayPwP

I developed pinched nerve in full this last February, but may have started a year earlier, 2 years after PD diagnosis.

Hi JayPwP, where's your evidence for the exhaustive list? Specifically with respect to Exenatide. I am intrigued and interested about it. Thanks.

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JayPwP in reply to pdpatient


Phase 2:

Phase 3:

Added CBD oil

There is MCT oil a derivative of Coconut oil. see YOU TUBE

Unconventional But Effective Therapy for Alzheimer's Treatment: Dr. Mary T. Newport at TEDxUSF

In the presentations she includes PD along with other diseases that affect the brain.

I take ~ a tea-spoon a day and notice if I miss a day or two.. the FOGG comes back

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Rosenmu in reply to Sapeye2020

Saw a video of a man with PD that took coconut oil, it eventually only partially worked, but he started out good, Mike Muntzell posted the video and interview. When the man was ON he was amazingly intelligent and researched his PD, when off he had major brain fog. You could see it wear off in the video. Don't remember the particulars, but here's the video.

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JayPwP in reply to Rosenmu

That is attributed to MCT in Coconut oil

Added Resveratrol / Red wine

another treatment option is ultrasonic therapy thay breaks up the beta amylase accumulated in the brain

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JayPwP in reply to tie1on

Interesting. Please share more information

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JayPwP in reply to tie1on

Are you referring to Focused Ultrasound?

Added Milk and dairy

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JayPwP in reply to JayPwP

All throughout my childhood till my diagnosis, I have been taking Buffalo / cow milk boiled in Aluminium vessels.

Just went anti-Aluminium last year. I am currently 45. Diagnosed in 2015.


Added Focused Ultrasound

Fecal Microbiota Transplants


Added Nutritional Lithium

Added Cinnamon

Added Nilotinib

Added Butyrate

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