Hey PD friends want to tell us about your hobbies? I'm of the belief that having something you love to do (especially if it is creative) can improve emotional health and physical health as well.

Right now my hobby is oil painting. I've been doing it for 2 1/2 years and loving every minute of it. I get engrossed in what I am doing and just lose myself in it. To me it is kind of like a meditation because all I'm concentrating on is the brush strokes and paint.

How about you? Any hobbies?

The picture below is one I painted last June and it was on display at our local bank.

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  • That's beautiful, Theresa!

    This beautiful too: "I get engrossed in what I am doing and just lose myself in it. To me it is kind of like a meditation because all I'm concentrating on is the brush strokes and paint."

    I feel the same about what I do, a vocation, avocation, and would be an addiction but that I (sometimes) make money at it - securities trading and investing. At least the smart things I do outweigh the stupid things I do often enough.

  • That's the best kind of hobby the ones that you make money on. I don't make any money on my paintings but I use to think of my job before I was retired more as a hobby. I loved it and the getting paid for it was just a bonus. I was a programmer. The old fashion type on the big main frames. I became obsolete and retired.

  • Cool. I am an engineer and programmer. I write programs that test stock trading ideas against historical data. When I find systems that pass that test, I then use them live going forward.

  • I really like your painting. I love all the colors. Good for you! Impressive.

  • Thank you very much.

  • Very nice.. hobbies do that to me. I sew a bit here and there.

  • Sewing was one of my hobbies very long ago. (Like over 40 years) I made all my own maternity clothes and my sister who was also having a baby at the time use to get upset because she had such a hard time finding nice maternity clothes and mine were all custom made.

    Over the years I've had gardening, crocheting, reading, dog training and I don't know how many other hobbies. I need something to get up in the morning to do and get excited about.

  • Right now my hobby is trying to come up with smart ass answers to P D post without offending anyone. Painting might be easier or should I say more relaxing.

  • It's an artform

  • I do card making. Am just getting back to it after having several falls and the rehab from that. I know what you mean by losing yourself in your hobby. Like to hear more from others.

  • The painting is gorgeous! How were you able to include a photo in your post?

    I make quilts, working almost entirely by hand, although at this point I restrict myself to crib-sized quilts.

    I also write.

    It's very enjoyable hearing about everyone else's craft!

  • When you write a new post there is a little camera at the bottom of where you are writing to include a picture. It isn't there for the replies.

  • My Hobby..... at least I call it that, is rebuilding my Triumph. Love British sports cars. Anybody Have a new Jaguar F-type (now that would be an excellent hobby)!

  • My hobby is playing tennis - trying to get in as much as I can before I can't. A bit tiring but so much fun and when I run I don't look clumpy!

  • Lovely picture Theresa!

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