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I have had trouble sleeping. Would go to sleep and then wake up about 2 and be wide awake all night. After talking to my health food shop (the owner had pd for 20yrs.) I started taking CBD. 12 drops under the tongue before going to bed. I now sleep great and rested the next morning. It seems to really help pd and I have read that it could be neuro protective. I take CBD Gold with turmeric. I also take mucuna one or two per day this may help also . Hope this helps someone.

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  • What is CBD?

  • So I'm guessing it's only available where medical marijuana is legal?

  • I believe so.

  • You can buy it on Amazon.

  • Makes sure it's not hemp flower oil. It needs to be made from cannabis.

  • Really you can buy it on Amazon (and without a prescription) even if you live in a State that has not legalized medical marijuana? Somehow I find the whole thing very confusing. I'm hoping the Feds legalize marijuana, at least medical marijuana, instead of making it a state by state thing.

  • i can't buy it like that, just have a couple of tokes before bed of the raw stuff and it surely helps...

  • So expensive and illegal in Australia. We are so behind the times....

  • I have so much trouble getting enough sleep because I wake up so often around 4 a.m. and can't go back to sleep. I don't know what CBD is but I'm surely going to find out! 😄. I take turmeric for my arthritis. Thank you so much for this information!

  • What state are you in? Is it legal?

  • Not here in NZ but there are ways.

  • Everyone research the endocannabinoid system, our bodies create "endo" cannabinoids when we excersise and their function is to promote homeostasis. We produce less as we age, so in a way, we are all cannabinoid deficient. Cannabis has 85 different cannabinoids but because of prohibition the breeders have only grown the types that get you high, THC strains. More recently when they found a phenotype of a thc strain that had high cbd content, some ppl have focused on breeding that. They then learned cbd could treat epilepsy in small children where no other drugs would work. Soon there will be strains bred with focus on the other 83 cannabinoids and we will find out what they can do. Unfortunately the American government just maintained cannabis' schedule 1 status which means it has no medicinal value. This is all done on behalf on big pharma so they can keep the money flowing. A recent study showed that thc/cbd removes amyloid plaques from the cb2 receptors of neurons. The cerebellum and the basal ganglia are filled with cb2 receptors. There are probably more with receptors in other areas but they don't concern my dads disease so I didn't focus on those.

    If you picture a neuron as an octopus, the tips of its tentacles are where the receptors are located. In Alzheimers this is where the plaques present. I don't know where they present with parkinsons.

    Ppl will criticise cannabis by saying it shrinks the brain, this is in fact true. However, this is a natural process and is exactly what happens when you sleep. This AIDS the brains own cleaning system giving the brains a more thorough clean. It's a great anti inflammatory.

    Cannabis is also a great pain killer and unlike pharmaceuticals you can't overdose. Opioids can affect the areas of the brain that control heart beat and breathing. There are no endocannabinoid receptors in those parts of the brain so you cannot overdose.

    It is also non addictive. If you are a heavy user and you suddenly stop smoking the result is a bad mood and poor sleep for a couple of weeks at the most.

    If the only thing you can do is buy weed. You can make medicine with some coconut oil.

  • How much are you giving him at night??

  • I couldn't say. One cap a night but I don't know the strength. About a 1/2 Oz of medical mass into a cup and a half of coconut oil. Then 15 drops of that into size 2 capsules.

  • are you grinding the cannabis and making an oil or can you purchase the oil? Have you found this is helping with confusion and how long have you been doing this? many thanks, in CA so not a problem getting this. What's the name or strain of what you are using

  • I used medical mass ground up. You put it in the oven at 120oC for an hour to decarboxylate, turning the thcA into thc, then soak in coconut oil on a double boiler for 1/2 an hour. Then strain through some cheese cloth. If it gets too hot the goodness will evaporate.

    My dads disease is different from parkinsons (Psp) For us it's neurofibulary tangles caused by tau build up. I'd read about the effects on the plaques and hoped it would do the same to the tau.

    For my dad it seems to have made the confusion worse, however, he's been taking a lot more than I told him to. We have stopped it for now and will try again in a short while at a lower dose and make sure he only takes one at night and none during the day.

    He was taking 1x cbd, 1x thc, and 1x thcA cap at night (I forgot to decarb my first batch so I made thcA oil by accident) And 1x cbd cap 2x during the day. He may have been taking more though who knows.

    He was supposed to only take 1x cbd at night and 2x cbd during the day. My fault for leaving the other caps at his place. We will restart in a few days with one cap at night and none during the day for a few weeks and see if that works any better.

    We started him on them a couple of weeks ago primarily to help him sleep so he doesn't need to go to the toilet during the night. They certainly work and he is asking for them even though we told him we had to stop because he's not making sense a lot of he time. He has bounced back though and was his old self this morning, 2 nights after stopping. My dad is still on his feet etc so we are still relatively early days regarding the disease.

    Good news for you guys is that there are studies that show it removes plaques. I'm no expert though and if you go to a med mj pharmacy they will be able to advise you better than I can. If you do that could you ask if they've treated anyone with Psp and what the best course of action is?

    If you are in a legal state you should consider finding someone to grow for you, or grow yourself. You'll save money that way.

    If you have any more questions I'm happy to help.

    Good luck and don't over do it 👍

  • Hi I have the same problem with my sleep what is CBD..?

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) is a strain of cannabis that doesn't get you high but has the beneficial effects.

  • I have been taking CBD for a month now and cannot believe how much my sleep/pain at night has improved and how much better I feel in the day,I know it works cos if I miss one I have a .... night and feel bad the next day.

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