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I am newly diagnosed with mild Parkinson's after numerous tests over 3 years it was thought I had fibromyalgia until I recently developed a tremor. I live and work in Jordan but I am returning to the UK next year I feel very alone and terrified as to what will happen,and will I be able to work?

Would love to talk to other people with this condition.I take half a tablet of sinemet twice daily.Found at first I was a bit nauseous.

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  • Good morning Kaykaykay123 and welcome.

    You have found the best site on the internet for help with your Parkinson's. It sounds like you have very mild Parkinson's (PD). You will do great. PD is not a death sentence you can control it with proper meds and exercise. Exercise is almost mandatory and helps almost as much as meds. It sounds hard but you must be proactive and diligent. I worked for 10 years after i was told i had pd. Only retired to reduce stress and it did help.

    It helps if you would list your age and if you are male or female.

    I am 62 11 years with PD.

    I have my Pd 95% under control using RX meds and exercise. I am as good if not better now then when i was diagnosed.

    There are few great exercise programs to choose from. I do Crossfit 6 days a week to keep me going. The web site below is a good reference. They say not to do weight lifting but that (in my opinion) is wrong. Weight lifting along is not good but should be included in your exercise program. Dead lifts are the one thing that uses almost every muscle in your body.

    Good luck

  • Hi thank you! That has made me feel much more positive. I am 55 and female

  • I had the same problem. I cut my sinemet for years. You can get

    Lodosyn - carbidopa 25mg. Ooooor ( I know I am going to sound like a sales rep ), maybe try Rytary. Same old meds but a all new way to absorb them.

  • Hi Kaykay. I'm a 58 year old woman with PD in the uk. 'Official' onset in May 2014 but I noticed the signs from about 2012, with a significantly weaker left side. This is a great site and you will learn things here you won't find anywhere else. There's a wealth of experience and people at different stages sharing what works for them. I, too, was shocked and afraid - although not terribly surprised and spent six months in a daze. Then I signed on here and started to learn some tips and tricks. I take a small dose of ropinirole and various supplements. Exercise is important - keep moving. I still work, I have a great job but I reduced my hours because I get a bit more tired (possibly just age) and I wanted to look after myself more. I used to work long hours and not eat properly. Now I am in decent shape, I I have learned to make the necessary adjustments. My neurologist is pleased and only a few people know I have PD which is my choice for now. If people notice my slightly odd gait, I put it down to an old back injury. Indeed, I forget myself sometimes, for minutes at a time! But find your way around the site and take your time.

  • Thank you so glad I joined. Hope I can continue working for some time.

  • Work for as long as you can, I stopped working sooner than I should have done because I was concerned about how quickly I would degenerate. Big mistake, on my part.

  • I will for sure.I'm fine at the moment just hope when I go to UK I can get a job

  • Do you have a UK destination in mind?

  • Yes I'm originally from West mids but I have a flat in Newcastle Upon Tyne near my daughter, so I will be living there.

  • Here is the Parkinson's UK link to the Newcastle support group.

    and here is a link to the active person's group close to you.

    When you are ready, there is support out there.

  • That is brilliant! Thank you

  • May I also add that Parkinsons UK has a wealth of easy to read and free to download publications on all manner of PD related subjects and a helpline manned by people qualified to answer medical and welfare/employment queries, not to mention a forum for PWP's. There seems to be no way round the initial shock but everyone seems to survive and even acquire a new focus on what's important and what's not.

  • Good Morning!! The sun has just risen here on the west coast of the USA.

    Where I live the old boy promptly ducked back into the clouds. This is a good place to come. I haven't posted before but I have shot gotten much enccouragement from reading what others have to say. I also am on my own in manageing my PD. But you are not alone. There's alot of help out

    There is

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