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Putting out the fire of Parkinson's in your brain with supplements

A certain fellow, Dharmaraja, has posted on Amazon.com a review of an interesting new book on combating Parkinson's with nutrition. He informs us that the book, "Fight Parkinson's and Huntington's with Vitamins and Antioxidants," by Dr. K. N. Prasad, is written for the medically trained and so is often frightfully technical. But the reviewer suggests a shortcut to get the gist of it: read just the last five pages on PD, which sums up the author's dietary recommendations. (The rest of the book explains and documents exhaustively the science behind the recs.)

REVIEW: amazon.com/Fight-Parkinsons...

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Thank you for the book reference, I have put a hold on it at my local library and will read it with great interest.

And a big thank you to everybody who posts on this site, I have learnt heaps. Hopefully some day I will be able to add to the info.


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