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I know this post is going to start some fireworks. My thought on the subject if it helps you and dos not hurt you or some one else go for it. That was my thought on medical cannabis. I was for medical cannabis but my state is going to vote on legalizing recreational cannabis in a couple of months. I see the pros of the argument as the ability to try it without dumping hundreds of dollars to see if it works for you.


I am worried that the science community will stop looking at the science of Parkinson's and other ailments. For decades pot growers bred cannabis for high THC. It wasn't until legalizing it that medical field really started research on it. I am afraid if it is legal to all, growers will give the people what they want High THC.

Question legalize it so people can try it who might need it without dropping hundreds of dollars or keep it medical where tests are run on it to make sure it is free from insecticides and other toxins. It is also tested for percent of HTC to CBDs.I know that a lot of Dr.s Don't like it because they don't know what you are taken in and how it works with other meds you are taking. A HPLC profile could insure that your Dr.s knows exactly whats in it and what percent. I know this might become explosive but right now I am voting no on legalizing it for fun.

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  • As of now, it is categorized as a controlled substance, which drastically limits the amount of medical research the federally-funded CDC can undertake. That's why promising research is going great guns in Israel, among other places. Well, a change to federal law looks unlikely -- rather, the change appears to be coming on a state-by-state basis. My guess -- and it IS a wild guess -- is that once momentum gets rolling on states' approval, we'll see a federal change, maybe at the Supreme Court level.

    Now what do that have to do with recreational use? I think approval as a recreational substance will send a message that 1., people are not terrified by it; 2. the actual results will become clearer with more widespread use; and 3. pressure will grow for research.

    But what do I know? Admittedly, not much other than I live in San Francisco, where mj use is just about required (just kidding).

  • I see News people ignore those that use it medically but they love to go to Colorado and show a bunch of stoners all sitting in a field looking stupid. You know they were there before only difference is know they don't have to hide it. I think of things like October fest were drinking is mandatory but they usually show people having a great time. I am concerned that it will turnoff the population to medicinal purpose if everyone is acting like Cheech and Chong.

  • Right now the DEA has marijuana classified as schedule I, meaning of no medicinal value. I have seen claims the DEA is going to reschedule it to schedule II by August. We shall see. If they do that will make it a whole lot easier for medical researchers to use it.

  • Hi Sirshakes,

    First, my apologies for not answering your reply to my post about marijuana. I was meaning to get to that but it slipped my mind, so will do it now that I see this new post. My own personal feeling is that it should not be legalized for recreational use, but should definitely be legalized in all 50 states for medicinal purposes. I also think it should eventually be covered by insurance but that it will likely require randomly controlled studies to prove its therapeutic effectiveness before that ever happens. In the meantime, I think doctors should respect anecdotal evidence when considering whether to prescribe it or not. Marijuana consistently produces highly positive therapeutic effects for my husband, but it does create a high and I think it would not be in our society's best interest to have a lot more people driving under its influence. I smoked in high school (in the 70s) and it significantly affected my perceptual abilities while under the influence, and I couldn't study or concentrate very well while high, either. (But it seems different people are affected in different ways.) My husband, however, is at a more advanced stage of Parkinson's and does not drive or work. He was having an especially rough time prior to starting to use marijuana. While under the influence, the marijuana very significantly reduces his tremors, rigidity, discomfort, and anxiety. His mind and body becomes calm and at ease. I don't know if it would still do that without the THC component (which is responsible for the "high"). It would be ideal if it did, as then he would likely smoke more frequently through the day, rather than just after lunch. He currently only takes Sinemet in the evenings and early mornings now, and finds the marijuana works much better than Sinemet to carry him through the rest of the day. But he is also at that stage where there is a fine line with the Sinemet, between making his symptoms better or worse (due to dyskinesias). These are just my own thoughts on the matter. I would love to hear from others, too.

  • My husband is 76. He uses a vapor pen or oil with high CBD. I am going to get some seeds and use my $50 grow light to grow some and then put it in my slow cooker with coconut oil to make something he can use.

    I think it is inevitable that it will be legalized for all here in CA, and I figure the sooner the better to keep creeps from growing it illegally and dangerously (you can get shot coming upon them) on our land, and instead make tax money on it. Anyone can get it at any time as it is, so why fight it.

  • I don't want it legalized for recreation either. We have enough recreational things for fun. I use cbd oil faithfully. I want the research and legalization for medical for now. Problem is everyone is smoking. Don't know what the answer is. But honestly I wish they would ban alcohol. Sorry world. Thanks Judy

  • I don't live in the US but I'm for decriminalising rather than legalising MJ.

    Making criminals out of young people simply for possession is stupid.

    Driving stoned is like driving drunk and whichever way the law goes would not be legal.

  • Do you think that if it is legalized scientist might stop looking for the good benefits of cannabis and eventually winds up in a GNC sitting next to the NAC under the CBD benefits, that is just right of antioxidants, above the astaxanthin.

  • Sirshakes I think tthe opposite to you. As long as it is illegal it is difficult to research as people are being asked to do something illegal and ethics committees who have to approve any research don't like that.

    There isn't a lot of research yet.


  • I like the fact that cannabis is being tested to show its helpful. They are looking at things like % cbd to htc. Different cbds and their effect and different thc and thcv . You can get it so you are dosing and you can tell your Dr. just how much chemical you are getting so they can look at your current meds and look for issues. Walk into a dispensary and your choices are Bubba Kush or Girl scout cookies or AC/DC. It is like buying a bottle of wine. it gives me a headache just thinking about it. I agree there is a lot of research and like wine Dr.s say a couple of glasses of red could be beneficial. Walk into your Dr.s and say its ok I am using the Harlequin they can't really use that information, but say I am taking in 15mg of CBD and 15mg of THC and that they can research.

  • I think I am coming around to see your point. Let me see if I got this straight. It dos not matter weather its legal for medical or recreational as long as it is not legal on the federal level. And to Becky's thoughts the only voice we have is to vote for it to make the Gov react one way or the other.

  • So far, Between the posts and likes it would seem that those with Parkinson's would like it to be legalized. Parkinson,s has opened up my mind to review former ideas and beliefs, to question my Dr.s and to Try to think before I open my mouth. I am still up to peoples opinions but will still keep an open mind.

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