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Help develop a marijuana strain for Parkinsons


I live in California where marijuana is legal. My son has had success growing some in his home in a closet.( a strain both high in THC and CBD). His father has Parkinson's. As an experiment, we would like to discuss with other PD sufferers what they have found the best strain of marijuana to be that helps their symptoms. He can buy those seeds and grow them and see how the results are. You can all be part of this, figuring out what works the very best for us. He can tell you how to grow it, also. I have been interested in making canna butter. I'd like to know if people have had luck using the leaves and stems for that. We can share all the information we can come up with and make our own strain and give it a name.

I'm the 76 year old cannabis California Mom

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Wonderful idea! In the meantime, I can direct you to a product in florida that contains cbd people might like to give a go while your son is busy. Don't know if it's okay to post the website address here, but in any case, anyone who wants to send me a private message is welcome to it.

I don't know how to private message you. Has this CBD oil helped your husband? I appreciate your help and I would like to know what is in the oil you use.

I sent you a message directly just now. I hope it gets to you. Let me know!

I am interested in any suggestions that are helpful. We are in Oregon. We have a medical marijuana card. My husband has tried CBD with THC 1:1 and some edibles. He has never smoked so he goes for the oil drops edibles with an Indica strain. So far, nothing has been helpful. Kind discouraging.

Have you found any one strain that worked best? We'd like to use the information to try to buy the seeds of the ones that work best. We had a medical marijuana card, just haven't renewed it. We have a daughter in Oregon and have bought some there, but never know what to get. It is against the law to carry marijuana over the border even if it is legal in both states, so we don't take what we have in a car or on the plane.. .

Oh, i see you say nothing has worked. My husband doesn't smoke either. He will take a puff when he gets desperate, but by the time he tries his stress level is so high, and rarely does anything work. He lays down with his VieLight then, and it calms him some, but i sure wish a marijuana puff could help him more.

I have just watched an informative video about cbd/hemp oil (the male plant) and why we would use it instead of the female plant. Also, the naturopathic doctor has personally tried 20 different oils and has found one that works in ten minutes (taken internally). If you want the link, please send a private message, and I will share for information.

Medreleaf offers a strain called Midnight -- 1:1 cbd:thc -- available as dried flower or dropper oil. Calms tremor, elevates mood and makes for a great night's sleep.

Thank you, this is the kind of information i am looking for! Do you use it?

I'm unable to register with Medleaf because i am in the USA, not Canada. Do you know how i can contact them?




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