Protein rich food has become unenjoyable since PD

The more my case of PD advances, the less I can comfortably consume of protein-rich food. I used to eat eggs at least 4 times a week now I have eggs in the fridge going past their expiration date. I miss those 3-egg omelets for breakfast. They say to time your meals for between doses of Sinemet or the meal will "block absorption" of the med. I've found a way around that, just drink beer with or after the meal if the muscles begin cog-wheeling. However, if the main component of a meal is protein-rich foods, just drinking beer won't acceptably calm my limbs. If I eat a 10-oz steak or a couple of flounder filet, I'm going to shake. PD has taken some joy out of mealtimes.

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  • What else do you eat with your meals?

    I have found for me it is the volume of food not the just the content that has the greatest effect.

  • Yes small meals many times per day will help that with small amounts of protein. Good luck it sure is a challenge. Judy

  • I eat normal southern sides like potato salad, coleslaw, beans...etc

  • I had noticed some time before obvious PD symptoms that I felt very out of sorts the day after eating a roast dinner or a steak in particular and assumed it was just getting older and cut down on meat accordingly. I also suspect my mother had undiagnosed PD and she turned vegetarian in her early nineties.

  • Yes same scenario here. I'm pretty sure she had it too. She also cut out most meat in her last months. She had pancreatic cancer. Take care. Judy

  • Egg beaters great omelettes!!

  • egg beaters still contain egg protein, They are not egg free.

  • why on earth would one want to deprive oneself of all the good stuff in egg yolks? besides, the most problematic part of the egg for many people is albumin in the white and the high degree of protein. yolks have anti-cholesterol factor and good fat. this whole fat phobia is a hoax....we NEED fat, lots of it and certain kinds.

  • I agree but in my case every tin I ate real eggs as a meal they would somewhat tear up my stomach. I don't worry about eggs in food. Right now my gi tract is such a mess. I just came back from a nuclear scan. Thanks for the info. Judy

  • Thanks for the nudge about yolks.

  • I believe I have gastroparesis where my stomach takes 4-5 hours to empty. I couldn't eat steak if I wanted to lol. Beyond that my intestinal tract has poor motility. With taking Meds every 2 hours it's a challenge to fit in meals of any kind. Thanks for the support. Judy

  • please read my reply below as there are things to do to increase stomach emptying.

  • I'm exactly the same - and get terrible bloat too. Haveyou foundanything that helps. I'v e read that taking the anti nausea drug domperidone 3x day reduces the impact of gatroparesis.

  • I thought I may have stumbled onto something but not sure it's going to fix anything. Most new Meds or changes in current Meds leave me with horrible gi side effects. Mostly pain and worse gastroparesis. My scans were all negative which is good I guess but still no answers. I find eating more liquid foods like soups or even just an ensure will pass easier. Plus just warm liquids like fennel tea which helps push gas thru or chicken bouillon which helps the pd drugs get to my brain quicker. My newest effort is I gave up all my supplements. Vitamin d3 a multivitamin a probiotic and cinnamon. I even cut back on the cbd oil. Although they are pretty much a positive supplement to pd they all say can cause gi problems or if you have gi problems. The one that really got me was the cinnamon. I

    Because it is good for diabetics it slows the digestive system. I'm seeing a new neurologist. The pharmacist told me 2 weeks of no supplements for a fair chance of the supplements being out of my body. I did have to reinstate some of the cbd oil. The spasms got worse and I didn't know if it was due to stopping it cold turkey or the lack of it altogether. Initially just stopping the vitamins seemed to help so I was hopeful. I'll keep you posted. Judy

  • I advise taking your meds 1 hour before you eat any protein rich foods or at least 2 hours after. Sinemet competes with the receptor sites in the gut. To get maximum out of your meds allow the meds to get there first. I have developed an egg allergy so I feel your pain about missing those omelets.

  • Yes I definitely understand all that. Problem is I take sinnemet ever 2 hours. I've been diagnosed 7+ years and am only 59. We will see what the scan I had this am shows. Thanks for the info. Judy

  • have you tried extended release. If not it could be taken every 4 hours. I also take requip 24 hour 1 6mg a day. It helps to fill in during off times. good luck

  • Yes thanks for the info most other Meds including agonists make me I'll in one way or another. I'm running out of options which is why I'm looking at mp. Take care and thanks again. Judy

  • Rytary?

  • Read my rytary response. It wasn't good. Thanks Judy

  • suggest you try to use some really good digestive enzymes. we find that meat protein is far worse than fish protein so the former must have more of the enzymes which negate the c/l than theory. google 'digestive enzymes' and 'protein'. i myself (no's the husband who has that) have used betaine hydrochloride for years for digestion (not the new one with pepsin which will give me instant indigestion). here's a conundrum: what do people on extended release c/l do with the eating protein thing? they always have some c/l floating around and any eating at any time should affect them. we use Rytary E/R very successfully but still get some nausea. have taken to adding a bit of standard release at the predictable times to avoid that but haven't thought about using it around meals. maybe we will experiment. small meals help.

    also, remember that motility is slow in PD and food left in the stomach will just rot (sorry, but it is true). that will cause gas (obviously) and discomfort. putting more food on top can't improve that situation. we use l-glutamine to keep the gut in shape and it beats laxatives/fiber/anything else. we also use on occasion a product called Digest RC, one of the biggest sellers on Life it is known to increase motility and is vegetable based with black radish as an ingredient to stimulate bile. if you haven't eaten black radish, you have missed a treat but it is spicy so forget about it now that you have Pd....just take the pill.

  • I have taken digestive enzymes with benefit, but my old neuro advised not to stay on them permanently because they use/consume themselves one of the essential b vitamins that is manufactured in the small intestine.

  • i would ask him to substantiate that claim. it would be far more likely that due to a lack of enzymes which happens when we get older and/or sick, B12 would not be produced or activated in the gut as efficiently. PDers are notoriously low in B12 which is why so many take it IM shots and they have loads of digestive problems. One could get a SpectraCell test to determine the cellular levels of any suspected deficiencies in vitamins/minerals. that has been extremely helpful in targeting what's low and what's high for us and always just about what i expected with a couple of unexpected exceptions (like i did not have a clue i needed alph lipoic acid). Google: B vitamins and digestive enzymes. MVR(most valuable resources): Drug Muggers (most recent edition - Amazon),, both info and product), (subscription and no product, just evaluation),

    re your cabbage family intake, i doubt the high nutrient value is any different than any other food anyone needs. coleslaw contains vinegar which helps with digestion and often, a LOT of sugar. watch that. however, cruciferous family members are fibrous and contains lots of sulphur and other good things but in the case of the black radish, i suspect it is a bile-stimulating effect which causes the food to move faster down the digestive tract. don't know that about other members of that family.

  • What is a spectra cell test? Thanks

  • I love radishes and cabbages, i eat coleslaw almost daily. I wonder if it's because those foods are high in nutrients we with PD can use more of.

  • I take a good probiotic and 2 tablespoons of organic fiber a day. I've had gi tract problems my whole life. Just had a scan this am. We shall see. Thanks for the info. Judy

  • don't let the bastard win....tell the PD to B____R and go right ahead and enjoy your steak and flounder! You sound like an Antipodean to me!

  • I'll have to look that up.

  • We found out over ten years ago at the Sarasota Florida Parkinsons Meeting from a Dr. Terry Petrella that you needed to keep any dopamine medication an hour clear either side of protein and two hours if it was beef protein. We have stuck with this since then and medications and meals are timed to allow protein that he also needs for Post-Polio Syndrome muscles. When out with others and meal times are set and do not fit his regime then we notice the difference... and plan for that.

    The other issue is to ensure bowels move ok so that the 'Constipation' side effect from EVERY medication he takes is kept at a minimum. Diet, anal irrigation if needed, helps but he does note that if he is constipated then he does not have as much ability that day. We live in UK now.

  • Leucine, valine, isoleucine are amino acids in protein which interfere with the bodies ability to use levodopa. most docs say to take dopa an hr before or after eating (protein). We find quality of protein makes a difference. Small amounts of salmon or other fish is easiest, chicken not too bad, beef or lamb really interferes so there must be varying amounts of those enzymes.

    Spectra Cell is a test which can show amounts of vitamins/minerals in the cell, as opposed to in the blood stream. You can google it.

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