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My husband was diagnosed with PD 8 years ago.  He was experiencing severe cramping which would incapacitate him at times. We went to a new doctor today hoping to find out about deep brain stimulation. While we're waiting for all the "boxes" to be checked for the surgery, my husband will begin taking Rytary tomorrow instead of C/L. His doctor also wants to gradually have him stop taking rinipronol (sp?). On his current medicine, he battles compulsive behavior along with severe cramping. I will post on our progress. It appears that it takes patience and perseverance to get adjusted to Rytary, but PD has already cultivated those skills. Send us some prayers and good vibes, as we will do the same. 

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  • Wish you the best.  Keep up the positive thinking.

  • KellyDeMoore I wish you both the very, very best of outcomes👍🌺

    Eva G

  • Rytary is C/L only extended release. I had compulsive behavior with rinipronol  but very little with Rytary. It worked great for me for about 3 months then it only worked for 3 hours max and i would totally shut down after 3 hours and take 2 hours to recover so i went back to C/L

    I now take  1 50/200 extended release carbidopa levodopa and 1 25/100 carbidopa levodopa every 4 hours 5 times a day. 1 6mg requip 24 hour and 1 azilect 1 time a day. Have been on this regiment for 4 months.

     1 200 mg ibuprofen 2 times a day. 2 capsules of fish oil a day

    I am 62 10 years diagnosed with PD.  

    Good luck

  • I greatly appreciate that each time you post you list your meds.  It is very helpful and often difficult to remember.

  • i found no issue with taking rytary except 

    i did feel speedy after 2 months and stopped taking it

  • Wishing you both all the best, all our prayers are with you. Please let us  know how it goes. X

  • Jenny

  • Sending hugs and prayers.  Will keep all advised of my progress too.  Thanks!

  • Wish all gets better for you and You find contentment. Keep trying . Try finding something you enjoy ,  may take your mind of pain ie excercise , gardening , whatever. I'm sure you've tried these. Good luck. 

  • Best...keep the faith...

  • Kelly I use cbd oil 500 mg all day.  It helps with all the symptoms. No thc completely legal. Check it out. Healthyhemp.com. Best of luck and may all feel well.  I have been diagnosed 7+ years at age 52. Judy 

  • I'm curious...   what's your number one symptom that the oil helps?  Do you have dystonia?

  • Since having so many gastro problems it doesn't help as much with the spasms.  It has helped me with constipation minimizing vivid dreams sleep depression and it was helping me with dyskenasia.  I get dystonia in my right foot when Meds fail or don't turn on and I'm on my feet more. The neurologist and I have tried adjusting my Meds but any additions or adjustments seem to cause more intestinal spasms causing me to give up. I would say the number 1 thing it helps with lately is depression.  Due to this intestinal problem I have no quality of life. 

  • Hi judy, what's cbd oil 500

  • Cannibidiol is hemp oil but no thc.  Go to healthyhemp.com for info and purchase.  It is natural which is what I like the best. 

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