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Bodybuilding and Parkinson's

Just a little curious. I am 46 had pd for 15 years, and have been using bodybuilding to combat my pd symptoms (tremors, rigity, dyskanesias, shuffling gait, ect), ive been trying to get in good enough shape to compete in men's masters class. Does anyone do this same thing or even powerliting for their pd, would love to follow their journey for like minded people. Im 6 ft 215 currently bodyfat 8.65%, bench 350, squat 450. Actually anyone with pd who dreams of competing in any fitness Sport. Thank you

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I am doing the Crossfit open this year and doing good. After 4 work outs i am in 86 place. Sometimes Crossfit is a dirty word to some people but i enjoy it. I am 62 10 years with PD. I can dead lift 395, back squat 285, front squat 190. I have been doing Crossfit for 14 months and it has helped me a lot.

I am not a body builder just do it to help with PD.

6'2" 225 19% body fat

this is a site if you would like to read about it



I am a rock climber and back country skier, and do yoga. Diagnosed April 2007, but symptoms much earlier. Am now 68, strenuous outdoor stuff very good for me. Unfortunately I can't build muscle. I am 130 pounds! Used to be 145. Don't ask why, I don't know.

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Hi Stve... never a rock climber but a backcountry skier, hiker, and yoga practitioner. Diagnosed in 2011 and now 65.  I used to weigh 130 and now holding at 113 or 114. The meds have really killed my appetite.  I have to remind myself to eat.

It sounds like you must be maintaining muscle but not bulking up. My theory is if I feel okay, don't question it. Just keep moving. 

Being outdoors is so important to my sense of well being. Sounds like it is for you, too.  Good luck on the journey. Stay strong.


Ýou bet. I've been lifting for 45 yrs. At 60 did my first power lifting comp ìñ 20 yrs and 12 w pd checkout my website


This is really inspiring, thanks.


Hello wow good on you keeping so fit!! I was diagnosed in 2014 and am finally realising that this is MY body and am finally listening to my family with regard to natural remedies for PD. And excercising a major one! I am only just now starting a palaties plan ( tremors , hand and leg weakness left side) it is sooo good , I have wacked on a massive ten kilos in about ten months from medications which im now not taking, dont think I'll get to body building stage but plan to shake the weight which I believe is a real contributer to feeling aches and pains more. Its amazing how our minds can be ruled by the thought of a disease , we can either go into a self distructive seditary lifestyle or get up and move and live our life as best we can! Good on you keep encouraging us all , I wish you well when you compete.



Yes, I would like to do the NYC Marathon. I know how much training goes into it.


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