Botox for salivary glands

Has anyone had botox injected into the salivary glands to assist with reducing excessive saliva? My husband is having a difficult time with excessive saliva and almost seems to be drowning at times. We are also planning on seeing a movement disorder clinic about the possibility of DBS, and had heard that that can also help with swallowing and excessive salivation as well.

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  • So - I see the earlier post! Thanks all!

  • cfloyd

    I don't know about salivary glands specifically, but my GP used Botox injections into both sides of my jaw with great results. Details available if you want them.

  • Hi! My husband receives quarterly Botox for excess saliva. Speech therapy also helps - this strengths the muscles in your throat. Hope this helps!

  • My husband has tried lots of different meds all of them had dreadful side effects . Hallucinating ,

    Since trying glycopperate it's improved beyond belief .. Still has a little but the throat and chest much easier and helps with choking control episodes . It's delivered but a dropper .

  • What is glycopperate? I googled it to no avail.

  • Try glycopperonium. . John has been I ver sensitive to lots of meds but so far no problem with this . I did start nervously a little at a time

    So far so good . I am not getting through boxes and boxes of tissues OF jumping up and down continuously . He is managing to speak a little easier as well

    The night s are better , no where near as much gurgling or thickening ,

  • We will investigate further! Thanks!

  • Goycoppyronium

  • I will look and see if I have the wrong spelling or another name for it . As soon as I can .a but tied up a min

  • Hi Cflloyd. The saliva problem is a result of the subconscious brain not initiating swallowing of the saliva, which normally happens over a thousand times a day. I find that I have to consciously swallow the saliva at regular inervals to take care of this problem.

    Do you know about my book, "Reverse Parkinson's Disease"? I have been able to reverse my Pd symptoms to the level where I have not needed to take any Pd medication for the past 13 years. The book is available on my website -

    I am currently touring most of the English-speakaing world in an attempt to show Pd patients how they can overcome their symptoms as I have. I have been able to show hundreds of patients how to walk properly, including 2 patients in wheelchairs. I also show them how to hold a knife, fork and spoon in such a way that they don't drop the food, and the same with a glass or cup. There really is no need to have an erreversible operation like DBS.

    Good luck!


  • My husband with 24 years of Parkinson's just had salivary injection today. He has it done every 3 months and it really helps. His neurologist, a movement disorder specialist gives the injections. He has been doing it for about 1 year.

  • our dr recommended botox we thought it was a great idea but didn't do it as our dentist told us if you stop all the saliva, you end up with rotting teeth and gums so we decided to keep a cloth around his neck as the lesser of 2 evils

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