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How to reveal the exact time of any post

I sometimes want to know more precisely the time of a post. For example, two adjacent posts may both be labelled "one year ago," but I may want to know, say, if there was a delay of hours or months between them. The way to find out is to select (color in) some part of the date label, e.g. "one year ago," FIRMLY and STEADILY holding down (the left side of) your mouse as you sweep the cursor across the text. Then the exact time of the post will display. Be sure not to release the pressure on the mouse for a few seconds if necessary, until the exact time displays. This trick works with my Macintosh. I'm hoping it will work for everyone else, too. You may need to try it a few times before you get the hang of it.

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The time displayed by the above method is Greenwich Mean Time, namely the local time in London. So, for example, my above post is dated as "Sunday December 27 2015 7:23 AM" — 6 hours later than the local time in Nebraska when this night owl submitted it.


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