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Voice Recognition

Hi All,

So, Im looking at voice recognition software rather than using keyboards.

Positives I've got so far are, Its faster than typing, and the main one is you don't need to physically type.

I've been recommended the Dragon V10 software.

But I'm worried about a few of the issues that these have like set up time and difficulty. Lack of privacy. Background noise interference. And obviously pronunciation and punctuation.

How have peoples experiences with this or similar software? Looking for both positive and negative feedback.


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are you using for work

if so in private office

Dragon software works well


I am looking to use it both at home and at work. At home privacy is not a major issue. But at work it is open and there are other people around.


I have not used it in an open office

but if some one came in and said something it would type what they said


I recommend using a headset with microphone feature, they are inexpensive and will help with privacy and also deal with background noise.

You need to train your software to recognise your intonation, accent, volume level etc. You will find that it will be surprisingly accurate and a great help.

Good luck


Do you use the software with headset? Im doubting how good it will be if im talking quietly. How long would you say it takes to "train" the software fully?


It depends on how consistent your speech is. It mainly consist of reading passages of text which the software links with your voice. That, in my case, only took a couple of days, but you also need to learn commands to input grammatical signs, full stops, commas, left brackets. (Actually, it is quite fun to do). You should be up and running in a few days - quicker if you spend the time each day.

The headset will allow you to speak directly into the mic from an inch or so, meaning you can use the software at a much lower vollume than if you use the computer mic.

Good luck


Buy the best head mic you can - i paid about £20 for mine and its very good. My dragon took ages to train and I would have benefited from having someone with keyboard abilities to help out now and again. BUT it is SO worth perseverring because I use it all the time now.


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