we have been using l-theanine for this with great success. my husband takes 300mg every 5 hours - 7am/12pm/5pm/11pm. i hold off giving the last one because i want it to last through the night as much as possible. i understand that the effective dose is 1500mg every 24 hrs. but we are working up as he has just had a heart issue and don't want to interfere with his heart drugs. my research indicates that it is actually good. certainly in his case since he has panic attacks which gradually thicken the walls of the heart....that can't be good! his cortisol levels are high therefore so is his adrenaline. those who have followed me will know that he had terrible hallucinations from a drug which after six months of living hell, were stopped overnight with large doses of niacin which we continued for six months until the drug was out of his system. Abram Hoffner's work.

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  • About 7 months ago I asked a women to try niacin for her husband's hallucinations. I doubt she did it. A couple of weeks ago another wife described how bad it can be, having to hide at night due to getting beat upon. Niacin represents a devastating blow to all the cholesterol-lowering drugs, so there's an enormous weight of false opinion that has been built up against it over the decades. I suspect this has carried over to neurologists not prescribing it, so wives are unnecessarily getting beat up at night.

    Niacin (vitamin B3) in 1,000 mg doses 2 or 3 times a day has very strong "anti-psychotic" effects. It's used to bring people down from hallucinogenic drugs (LSD, mushrooms, etc). The first day it will cause very frightening redness in face and upper body and possibly terrible itching for 2 hours, but after that it does not occur if you take it daily at about 1,000 mg or more. I use it to reduce a "buzzing" feeling in my head, which is exacerbated by not having enough sleep. Non-redness non-itching forms of niacin do not work nearly as well and time release forms are dangerous. Niacin is very frightening in the first dose or 2nd dose, but harmless up to maybe 10,000 mg a day for most people. 6,000 mg a day is the typical dose to reduce LDL cholesterol and raise the good cholesterol.

  • Isn't it crazy that people will take toxic drugs when they must but won't try something as benign as niacin?

    Know anything about how to curb compulsions? I read that inositol at high doses works but since it can also cause stomach upset, we haven't tried it.

    Btw, after 400 mg of theanine today (our ultimate dose 4x daily), my husband smiled and we danced in the pool. I haven't seen him smile in so long that I didn't realize he needs some serious cosmetic dental work!!!

  • what is 1-theanine

  • An amino acid found in green tea.

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