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report and prognosis

report and prognosis

I fast walk three miles (gentle hills in route) every other day. I have tremor dominant pd. I was dx three years ago. I take no medicines, herbs or dietary supplements... I have the traditional p symptoms with the exception of falling. My gait is somewhat affected by pd. I get around well, with only a hint of shuffling or instability. I recently started using an electric tooth brush. My right arm and hand is weak and my blessed wife has been cutting my meat into bite size portions. I do not know what beneficial effect walking has had but for now, it is my therapy. I am watching for the cure or treatment, especially ultra-sound surgery. Please keep me advised.

P.S. When first using an elect tooth brush, remove the clear protective brush cap. I did not. The elect brush made such a racket while I tried to brush my teeth (yes, I topped the 'brush' with paste) that I asked my wife to look at it. I thought I assembled it wrong. No, my wife did not laugh at me.

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Few days back I have posted about Ultrasound Therapy at Maryland University of Medicine in USA; Please check latest update on link :


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HI RoyProp. I appreciate your critical thinking and find your posts to be well informed, on point, and informative. Like you, I have tremor dominant PD (diagnosed last year, after 2 years of slight tremor and curling toes sporadically when I walk). Not on any meds, but do take some supplements (tyrosine, 5-HTP, CoQ10). Have noticed tangible benefits from intense stationary bike workouts every other day and 2-3 mile walks (not fast) with the dog almost every day. Primary benefits appear to be less stiffness, more fluid movement and less toe curling. The tremor is unaffected.

I would love to know your opinion on alpha synuclein clumping. Do you think it's a cause of, or is it just a side effect of PD? I've read a number of journal articles and am leaning more and more towards viewing it as a causative agent.

I'm considering starting dopamine agonist therapy too. Your thoughts here would be appreciated also.



no opinion: dopa agonist or alpha synuclein clumping


be careful with dopamine agonist can have side affects such as gambling and sex addition

been there done that

i am now on sinemate

works well with exercise

i do crosssfit 4 to 6 times a week

some days no Pd

more good days than bad

nights can be bad

all and all i do great

check my post about crossfit

good luck

but exercise is key to a good life


I choose:

1. no meds

2. exercise

+ 3. melatonin to see if a high dose will reduce tremors,;

"melatonin’s neuroprotective qualities are believed to actually slow the progression of PD"

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i don't have tremors

a love your dedication

exercise is the key

i can not set very long

as long as i am active no meds needed so i get up wax and clean my corvette

mow the yard

go walking

go running

lift weights

go do crossfit

chase my wife hope i never catch her don't know what to do if i did

melatonin is a drug just natural

it can give you strange dreams

i know it happened to me

i took 10 mg one evening made me sleepy all day the next day

it is a powerful drug

drugs are drugs man made or natural

not preaching just out of concern

take care

live life to it fullest

if you are a man of god bless you

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Couldn't agree more about the beneficial effects of exercise Bailey. If I slack for even a couple of days I can tell a difference.

I've read your posts about cross fit and have some friends that swear by it too. I'm in reasonably good shape, but cross fit is intimidating. I think I'll check it out, though.

Thanks for the cautionary advice regarding agonists too.


they tailor the work out to you

that makes it doable for every one

good luck


I'm sorry, I laughed!


Roy... One of the first findings that was extremely supportive of exercise as disease modifying was a serendipitous event. An extremely involved pwp went on a tandem bike ride with her husband that forced her to pedal much faster than normal. Upon the end of her ride she signed something and her handwriting was normal... A huge improvement. This has been duplicated with others.

You may likely benefit your hand deficits by riding a stationary bike for 80-90 rpms. This is quite fast so work up to it slowly.


exercise exercise exercise exercise exercise exercise exercise and exercise some more

you will improve


Tiptop, your PD history and mine are similar.. DX'd in '13 at 73: no meds, fast walk daily, plus other exercises... Some progressing.

Tremor dominant

I follow your informative posts

Keep it up!


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