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What is the best smartphone for people with parkinson

Hei evreybody

A little tips.

I have dad several smartphone since i was diagnosed with parkinson and there was 2 problems with all of them.

a) I had to repeat all what i said severel times .....Heee , tell again please.

Very irritating

b) typing a text for a sms was a 1 houers job.

It went wrong all time.

Then i bougth an Iphone from apple (not an expensive model )

I was very supprised.

My first call and the other end answer rigth away without .......Heee , what....

I have never been asked to repeet a message with that phone regardless if i'm using internal or external speeker.

Also , typing a text for sending on sms is no problem.

It goes rigth in 90 %.

So going from LG to iphone was a big suprise and a big help .

All the best

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Hi,im James and like you are into their smartphones and was diagnosed with Parkinsons last year.i too had the same problems with using my mobile and it frustrated me taking me ages too use.i now use the Iphone and have never looked helps because of its keyboard,predicting words and its touch screen reponse.Always have it with me.So now I stopped ramblling on how are you?


Another thing is to use the smarthphone to keep up the time when to take the medisine.

i have started to use the countdown function.

For me is the best time 2 houer and 50 minutes.

When i awake in the morning and take the first medisin i just press start and the countdown starts.

This results in the same time-window for taking the medicine and had a very good effekt on my wellness.

Before i started with this i thougth i did well but have to admit that there was a big differense using the smartphone count down.

I started this in front of taking more medisin but the effect was so good that i didnt have to take so mutch more.

Also , it is easy to eksperiment a little on the time between taking the medisin.

I redused the time from 4 houers to 2 houers and 50 minutes.

And of cause , i dont have to remember the time anymore.

Some mornings i start medication 0700 and other mornings 0830.

Depends when i awake.

The easy system works anyway.

All the best

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Samsung Note 4. Absolutely the best.


Makes the iPhone look like a toy


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