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Pain and Parkinsons

A couple if years I submitted a question on Pain and Parkinsons. Since that time my pain has increased. I am not able to link it definitely to my Parkinsons, but I am pretty sure it is. I have six monthly injections in my spine and also steroid injections in my knees.

I know other people suffer intense pain and I was wondering if they have found anything that helps. I was wondering, in particular, about the Bowen Technique and also acupuncture.

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Hi Sue,

Me again. I have been treated by a practitioner of 5Elements acupuncture for years. It was the single biggest breakthrough in PD management for me, helping to reduce & manage pain & increase my energy levels. My guy is a qualified doctor (his wife also) & a consultant anaesthetist - those of his patients who wish him to maintain his consultant standard pay extra for our treatments to cover his annual training & registration. I have found this to be of great importance when discussing PD with other medical professionals ie they actually listen !!

Now Bowen: by a strange coincidence I have met a Bowen therapist when attending hypnotherapy at a local alternative therapy centre. I want to give it a try but each time I book a session something happens to prevent it eg I am in too much pain to get on the couch, muscles too tightly spasmed to manipulate (her words - like rock) etc. I am convinced that when I finally mellow sufficiently to try it properly it will help.

The hypno is good for pain management, energy & general well-being. I've been paying £35 a week for 5 years so it must be doing some good - my husband has now had some sessions for a particular need & he agrees.

It doesn't surprise me that pain keeps coming up as a major concern because it is still not an acknowledged symptom among medics.

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Thanks for replying to me, I appreciate your replies as you always seem to know what I am talking about. I must find a Bowen Practitioner as I really want to try it. I am sick of tablets and scans which make me feel like a Zombie. Certainly, my pain at the moment is not good. I will read your answer again and let you know what I decide. It was good to see your name and also ronn replied. I do not recognise many people at the moment.


My husband also had cervical stenosis so we never knew if the pain was related to the stenosis or the PD. He received regular chiropractic adjustments and laser therapy. Kept him pain free.


Sue, Have you been following recent research on neuropathy? I also had pain, sometimes severe, sometimes just nagging, but often for no apparent reason. It could and did move from place to place,,,,, legs (leg), hips, glutes,

lower abdomen. My doctor took x-rays and told me the problem was in my spinal column, between the 4th and fifth vertebrae, where a damaged disk was irritating the nerves which emerge from the spine at that point. This, as i understand it, was causing pain to occur at the nerve ending at any of the locations controlled by those nerves. He offered me the choice between having periodic injections into the spine and having an operation. I chose the operation, which he performed about a month ago. I awakened free of pain in all those areas affected by the repaired lumbar. What a relief!! I had been convinced that Pd was responsible for all pain but, if he was, in this case, it was apparently only indirectly. I hope you find something that works as well for you. I have been in touch with others who had operations similar to mine with similar results. It's good to see you posting again. I've been away for awhile.


Hi ronn. Thanks for replying and your comments. It is really nice to see a name from the past. Not many 'old timers' seem to post and I often wonder how people are getting on. Take care



My husband had lots of leg pain. He is using Mucuna Powder, CysReplete and NeuroReplete under direction of doctor and now has little if any leg pain. Other Parkinson's symptoms have been significantly decreased.


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