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Hello everyone, I just want to introduce myself. My name is Faizan and I have been using films and videos medium for over 5 years to bring awareness towards Parkinson's disease. But now I and my team has started a Non-Profit Organization called My Angel My Hero. Our mission is to bring awareness towards different social causes through films and video. To begin with we are focusing on Parkinson's disease and we launch one video story every week. Please check out our website: I will update you guys regarding videos as well :)

One of the video I did previously was on Paula Wittekind :


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  • I thought it was not permissible to solicit funds on this website. There are enough foundations to give to and this is a very suspicious post reminiscent of the Nigerian requests for money because of a sick aunt who needs an operation.

  • Hey racerCP I think you are mistaken me with someone else. I am not looking for any funds on this website. I have been making films and videos about Parkinson's disease for almost 5 years now. My goal on this website is to find people with Parkinson's disease who wants to share their story with others and inspire them. I am definitely sure you are talking about some other organization. Laura has helped with the reach out two years ago on this post:

    And I thought to introduce myself and our newly born organization based in New York where our mission is to bring awareness towards Parkinson's diseases by sharing PD stories on videos and films and once again my intention on this website is not at all funds rather looking for people who wants to share their PD stories. And I did this as there was already a post on this website previously. So I thought there might be a few people who wants to share their stories and inspire others.

    Thank you and please do let me know if you still have a question or concern please.

  • Your response has satisfied me. There can't be enough vehicles for bringing awareness to our disease. Thank you for your work.

  • Sure racerCP. Please do let me know if you would like to share your story to us? Thanks again and don't worry there are many organization doing crazy awesome and good work but there are always a few who make the other look bad hehe :)

  • Actually, I went on the website and each video has a DONATE NOW button so it is soliciting donations and is not properly on this website.

  • Hey RacerCP, once again as I have mentioned before, I am not looking for raising funds on this website at all. My intentions are to share these inspiration stories with people who have Parkinson's disease. So we can inspire each other and together can help each other.

  • Therefore can you explain why there is a 'donate' button on each of the videos????

  • Therefore can you explain why there is a 'donate' button on each of the videos????

  • Therefore can you explain why there is a 'donate' button on each of the videos????

  • RacerCP, we are a legal Non-Profit Organization in New York and a New York State Certified 501c3 organization. Most of the organization in HealthUnlocked are non-profit organization and they definitely can raise donation through their website and their work. Now just as I said our intention here is not to solicitation rather inspiring others.

    Now to your question why our videos have Donate now button. We have been given a grant by Google grant and all our videos utilize this by putting a donate now button which once again is external to this website. So we don't raise funds on this website again. Hope this helps and clear things out.

  • I don't know whether any other participants on this website have an issue with this.

  • I am sorry if you feel that way. Our previous post by laura, where a lot of people wanted to share their stories with us. So that is why I reach out to see if people like to share their stories. please see how many of them wanted to share their stories.

    I hope you do understand their is much need to bring awareness towards PD and I have been doing it for last 5 years as a film maker. Please see our film trailer:

    Once again I am a little disappointed that I have tried to explain as much as I could and my best wishes is to inspire people with PD.

  • Racer, There is a book regularly promoted for sale, is that different?

  • Hey Hikoi, I am not sure which book you are referring to. We don't have any book about PD. Thanks

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