Please consider sharing your story and inspiring others?

Have you thought about helping the world and others with Parkinson's disease (PD) through your own inspirational story? That's exactly what we are trying to do. My name is Laura., I was diagnosed in 2008 with YOPD. Since then I have met so many amazing patients and learnt so much from their stories. I think listening and learning from each other can make us all better and make this world a very special place.

This is exactly what we are trying to achieve in My Angel My Hero's PD project. "My Angel My Hero" is a short film by Faizan Sheikh which raises awareness about PD and how dance can help PWP. In addition to this film, we have started a Video Raising Awareness campaign. If you have a small webcam and want to tell your inspiring story to the entire world please let me know. All you need to do use your computer webcam or a small camera and answer some questions. After you video yourself just send us the video and we will edit the video, post it online and will also blog about your story. Please do let me know if you are interested?

Here are questions and instruction for video:

You may watch videos already submitted:

My Angel My Hero's film trailer:

I hope to hear from you soon, so together we can bring more awareness towards the disease and make this world a special place for everyone


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  • Hi Laura,

    I will share my story with you



  • Dear Laura,

    I would be interested in sharing my story but I get tongue tied and can't always get express myself completely.

    Sincerely, SadieSadie (Sally)

  • Are these to be inspiring stories only, or ones of disilusionment amongst many PD sufferers?

  • Hi It is great to see this initiative here:) I was among the first ones to submit my video. Faizan is a good friend and I would def encourage all of you to submit a video. Here is the link to mine:)

  • Hi Laura

    What a great idea. I live in The Villages Fl USA we do a lot of line dancing here. would love to do something to inspire. I would love try to video one of my classes.or line dance socials.

    Dancing is my therapy.

  • Brooke,

    Faizan would love to have you dancing in your video. Be creative and have fun with it. If I can help out please let me know via my inbox. :)

  • Hi Laura

    I will contact you tomorrow

  • Dear Laura

    Do you know about the Health Talk Online web site?

    I made a contribution to the section on PD. The video of my interview alongside a transcript are both available. It is a tough experience at any time seeing oneself on video. I am sure you know this and will take care of those who volunteer.

    My story was told many times over in the press a few years ago when the cake bakery I ran with my partner baked the cakes that built the car in the popular Skoda car advert. Unfortunately the business went into administration when orders slumped. My relarionship fell apart and I sold my home to repay the bank loan.

    I am starting out in life again with a much smaller, scruffier home and a tiny new business which sells kits to make beautiful textile items.

    The PD makes some days very difficult but better that than give up.

    Best wishes


  • Laura, would it be appropriate to post the short video I made at the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro? I would also answer the questions and all.


  • I would like to share my written story but don't have the webcam or technology to post a video. Can I participate somehow?

  • Gosh, love to see so many of you want to participate! Nan, by all means, YES! The climb would be a tremendous addition. I thank all of you in advance; Faizan's target was to upload a new video every week and this is fantastic start. I am going to touch base with him to see how he wants to handle but likely I will be communicating with each of you via e-mail. If you do really want to get involved, please send me a PM here with your regular e-mail account addresses.

    I am not sure given the interest level if he wants to rather loosely schedule each of you for a particular month. Let me ask him and get back to all of you. In the mean time, please have a look at the links and maybe start thinking of how you might answer the questions and watch a few completed videos to give you some ideas. You can be creative or as conservative as you want.

    Faizan is making the red carpet rounds at Indie Film Festivals and is in Canada right now, so it might be a couple days before I have any answers. I wish I could show you the film. It has been nominated for several awards and in Wash DC, Faizan won for best screenplay. It is about PD but transcends and you get so sucked into the story, you forget the PD- suffering is universal and comes in many forms. The film is now 28 minutes, but there is serious distributor interest in expanding it to feature length. Faizan is a gem! so kind and compassionate He plans to start a non-profit and further harness his creativity to raise awareness for other public health issues.

    Let me know via PM if I can answer anything more specifically for you.


  • Sadie, Oldtyke, and Fishinggirl,

    Thanks for posting and please see your inboxes for a more direct reply.


  • Story up loaded


  • Awesome, Al! Thank you so much. Can't wait to see the final cut :)

  • NB, I have also a short vid of me on a bad day , would that be some thing you would like to share


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