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I have been struggling with exhaustion for some time now, and it sure can put a kink in your day. Grocery shopping, making the bed, cooking, Dr.s appointments, even going out to lunch with friends can leave me so wiped out I feel like a Zombie! I began complaining regularly to my Family Doctor about my lack of energy. We went through all my medications together, discussing their side effects and how much of those medications are actually helping. This was very informative and we were able to cut down on my long list of medications. At first she suggested daily vitamin supplements like B-12, Vitamin C, Bee Pollen and Magnesium which seem to help a little but had no staying power. The Doctor then increased my thyroid medicine and I began receiving monthly B-12 shots. I still take B-12, Vitamin C and magnesium supplements. After several months of B-12 shots my energy has improved and I am able to enjoy my life more. Still having trouble sleeping through the night and dealing with pain but I am hoping that too seems to be getting better.

Here's to living in the moment with my eyes wide open!


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The physical.exhuastion, particularly related to difficulty sleeping due to pain, is tough to deal with. But what I find even worse is the mental exhaustion when I'm dealing with anxiety/depression associated with painful dystonia.... the first morbid motor symptoms that I noticed in 1999.

Im.going to follow your lead and pursue vit b injections ASAP.


Good luck. Make sure you discuss it all with your Doctor.



You have brought so much joy to all of us with your poems and wise insights it is certainly disturbing at the at a personal level to hear the Parkie is getting you down. What I read is that exhaustion causes sleeplessness and sleeplessness causes exhaustion, a brutal spiral.

I have had a similar experience and have found a resolution for myself. It is well-known that I get relief from some of my symptoms by using massive amounts of coconut oil. I'm not suggesting coconut oil for you unless you think there is a reason to try it. But I am going to suggest is a timing issue that I observed: the timing issue is that you take whatever is giving you some benefit and try to focus it just before you go to sleep. For me if I neglect coconut oil at bedtime I sleep for about four hours and wake up. If I take coconut oil just before bedtime I usually sleeps about eight hours and last week had a ten hour night. It is amazing to me how much a good night sleep puts Parky at bay.

Also, my creativity is often expressed at the computer. I have to really discipline myself to stay away from the computer, if I wake up in the middle of the night. For me the cycle is my mind starts churning I run the computer to try something out and suddenly I discover two or three hours of sleep time have passed. I'm supposed to be too old to be so careless. I guess not

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It is true that I am depressed and have anxiety, both of which I am being treated for. I don't know too much about coconut oil but I will look into it. Thanks for caring and for the suggestions.

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The things you mentioned are covered in the Parkinson's Disease Symptoms list of 100+

Send me an e-mail to: and I will send back an Excel list. Also sounds like you need to see a Neurologist specializing in Movement Disorder so you can get properly diagnosed.

The above list is available to anyone reading this post.



I see a neurologist here in town and I see a neuromuscular specialist at Barnes Jewish in St. Louis. Along with my Parkinson's diagnosis I have also been diagnosed with a rare neuromuscul ar disease called: Peripheral Nerve Hyperexcitability Disorder. This disease cause the muscle in my body to be constantly working and moving which in turn makes them cramp and spasm. It is very painful and exhausting. Exercise or any kind of muscle stimulation makes it worse. My muscle are stiff and sore all the time. I have been hospitalized for problems breathing because my diaphragm was in a spasm. I have been rushed to the ER for chest pain only to find it was a muscle spasm in the chest wall. There is no cure for the muscle disease or the Parkinson's so I just try to make the best of each day.

Thanks for your concern.


Every people who had Parkinson, must swim. The body in the water is different and the exercise help incredible for this condition.

Since I swim every is better.



I have always loved the water. But swimming excites my muscles too much which in turn causes pain. I have a rare neuromuscular disease that is aggravated by exercise.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Be happy, make some one else happy, write poems, one day at a time. Be tough (tuff), You can do it, have a Merry Christmas.



Hi Juputerjane.

One of my main symptoms is fatigue and I have tried various therapies to help. My personal experience has been that doing medical qigong everyday has made a difference to me. It has lifted my energy levels considerably so that I no longer need to nap in the afternoon on a daily basis. This has happened since I began doing the exercises on a daily basis. The programme I follow is available free on

I have found it hugely beneficial as there are no side effects to worry about. I know that you mentioned that you have another condition but these exercises are very gentle and worth looking into. After all you have nothing to lose.

The other therapy that I find immensely helpful is acupuncture.

Love and blessings to you.


Thanks Firefly, I already see an acupuncturist,but I'll look into the exercises.


glad I found you.....Thanks....


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