Suddenly I have pain

Could any one please tell me if they have experienced sudden onset of severe lower back pain, was dx 12 years ago never had pain lots of other probs but no pain that changed 6weeks ago is it related to any meds ? I take Madapar,Comtan Amantadine and Azilect (which has proved very successful ) or is it the actual progression of the monster P, i would appreciate some feedback thanks heaps keep positive ! Sunnysky

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  • Hi Sunnysky. I had to have a laminectomy in 1998, six years after I was diagnosed with Pd. The problem was caused by my posture. I was walking with my torso bent forwards at the hips and that, I was told was why I pinching the sciatic nerve in my back. Is your posture upright and not bent forwards?


  • Hi John thanks for your reply that posture thing could be my problem when I'm tired and slightly off my posture is bent forward I'm having some X-rays and ultra sound tests this coming week meanwhile on pain killers. cheers Sunnysky

  • Hi Sunnysky. I hope it helps. long before I was diagnosed, in 1992, I injured my back in 1960. In those days they were very reluctant to remove discs in the spine, so I went for 17 years before they felt confident enough to remove the disc. I was advised in 1970 to strengthen my core back muscles, which I did, quite aggressively. Very soon the sciatic nerve pains went away. They came back again with a vengeance, when In did stupid things, but went away again, when I took it easy and continued the core muscle exercises. I had the offending disc removed in 1977 and have never looked back. I was back in trouble again in 1998, when I had been walking fast for six years, with this terrible Pd posture. The disc above the old injury site gave in. I had it removed and was immediately back on the road again, and walked 4 kilometres each day until I had the stitches out. I have not looked back since.

    The walking and the back muscle exercises are the best.

    Good luck


  • I get a sensation in the lower back especially when doing the washing up that it may be possible to describe as pain but I find that this sensation causes me distress rather than hurt. It goes completely when sitting and is relieved a little upon standing up straight.

  • Hi Pete Thanks for your input bending forward as us parkies are inclined to do would give us Back ache need to be conscious of our posture keep positive Sunnysky

  • Anyone can get back pain, it is very common, so it may not have anything to do with your medication. I don't have PD, my husband does, but we have both suffered with back pain in the past, often with sudden crippling onset. We go to an excellent chiropractor now who has explained that our pain is the result of our spines being out of alignment, which causes tension and spasms in adjoining soft tissue like muscles and tendons. Back pain rarely has a serious underlying cause.

    My back is permanently out of alignment due to a crushed vertebra injury from a plane crash 40 years ago. Just before this chiropractor was recommended to me, my back pain got so bad I could barely move. It took a few visits to the chiropractor to fully realign my spine, but it was a great success and all the pain was gone within a couple of weeks. I've found that going to the chiropractor 4 times a year for 'maintenance' treatments keeps me pain free. If I don't go this often, my lower back gradually slips back into painful misalignment.

    My husband's back has gone out of alignment due to PD affecting his posture. He went through a bad spell of back pain when he wasn't getting much exercise. The chiropractor helped, but of course the PD soon undoes his good work. We've discovered that lots of exercise that strengthens his back muscles also helps, and in more ways than just helping to keep him pain-free.

    So we suggest trying a good chiropractor (get recommendations from people you trust) to make sure your back is properly aligned first, and then do as much back-strengthening exercise as possible.

    We live in the UK and would be more than happy to recommend our chiropractor - he has such a good reputation for success that other chiropractors send their worst cases to him. He has offices in Brampton Cambridgeshire, and Haverhill Suffolk.

    Here is a helpful link about back-pain for more information -

  • appreciate all your helpful suggestions thanks for taking the time. Cheers Sunnysky

  • appreciate all your helpful suggestions thanks for taking the time. Cheers Sunnysky

  • appreciate all your helpful suggestions thanks for taking the time. Cheers Sunnysky

  • Since forward bending is the predictable postural change of most aging spines, a good counter exercise is simply to lay face down and get up on your elbows as high as you can without pain. Hold it for 30seconds. see if it helps and increase duration and frequency.

  • One of the SIMPLEST, QUICKEST, and INEXPENSIVE solutions to back-pain relieve and I've yet known anyone who followed this simple suggestion who did not see improvement in a few days is this: Simply put a sheet of plywood 1/2" or 3/4" between your mattress and boxspring. If you sleep in a king size bed then use two sheets.

  • Thanks for the suggestion Coblman .......mmmmmmmmm. sunnysky

  • Sunnysky i got backpain especialy in the morning, when I increased my dose of comtan. You said it was sudden so I would think it would be something changed or triggered it.

  • Hi hikoi thanks for the info but havnt changed any thing I'm on Comtan with Madapar 6 times a day whether it builds up over time I don't know but this pain is different from the normal stiff back u get when u get out of bed in morning this is severe muscle spasms getting scans done soon will pass on info if it's of help to the"clan" , cheers Sunnysky keep positive

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