I understand that DBS in the STN helps with resting tremors. My husband does not having resting tremors, (therefore DBS in the STN is not recommended) more issues related to rigidity, balance, and gait. I found a clinical trial in the UK that uses DBS in the PPN (Pedunculopontine nucleus) which targets symptoms of rigidity, balance, and gait. Does anyone have knowledge of who may be doing this in the US? Or knowledge of this type of DBS in general?

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  • I am afraid I cannot answer your question,but can you say more about PPN trial in the UK?

  • Dear Gwennie, Look at the Michael J Fox Website, locate clinical trials. I found it there, and that will give the details regarding qualifying information. I hope this helps!

  • Thanks for your reply.I shall look it up. I thought there had been trials in the uk?.

  • The alternative site is the globes pallidus internus.... has less risk of increased depression.

  • Thanks for your reply.I shall look this up.

  • My husband has rigidity issues and received DBS about 9 years ago upon the recommendation of Dr. Ken Bergman at the Medical University of South Carolina. The surgery, performed by Dr. Steve Takics (spelling) at MUSC was very successful! Unfortunately for us, Dr. Bergman left MUSC and went to NIH - we are seeing Dr. Vanessa Hinson now. She is a fantastic physician and researcher! Hope you find a neurologist who specializes in movement disorders.

  • Thank you very much for your response. I was under the impression that there has been some UK trials with PPN? Does anybody know?

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