Sore muscles, stiffness, Excessive sleepiness, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Exercising?

Hi everyone,

Lately, I have been having pretty consistent pain in my joints and sore leg muscles. I was told that I had RA but after about a year, the symptoms went away and my blood tests were clear. Now the RA symptoms are back. I'll be going to the doc soon but just wondered if anyone had my symptoms and exercised through it? Does it help or hurt?

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  • Hi Writer

    I have pretty consistent pains in my joints (I think is Osteoarthritis - but I've never seen anyone about it) particularly my left big toe and the ball of my left foot. My left side is my Parkinson's side. I also waken up each morning with sore leg muscles.

    I am a great believer in Exercise and do boxing training twice a week, work out in the gym, do heavy gardening and use the Wii-Fit. This exercise (with the medication) has kept me fairly fit and active despite being 70 next month and having been diagnosed 11 years ago

    The movements are good for the pains and I have a two weekly deep massage from my neuro physio which eases completely the muscle pains and helps enormously with the pains in my left foot. I am going to buy a foam roller and another bit of kit (I've forgotten the name but it is about the size of a bicycle pump) that my boxing trainer uses to massage limbs - I anticipate that by using these every day my leg muscle pains should become a thing of the past

    Deep stretching of the leg muscles is something else I intend to do each day (it is apparently a man thing not to do enough stretching lol).

    When the pain in my finger joints gets too bad I use an Ibuprofen Gel - I am reluctant to take any more pills

    I stress again the benefits of exercise and usage of your joints

    Hope this is of some help

    Kind regards

  • but how u exercise with pd my tremors get worse and wont let me

  • My tremors are not that bad....I usually work out on the elliptical cycle which works like the one you stand on, but only seated. It wears me out!

  • What meds r u on, whats ur bigger symptoms

  • Sinemet 2 every 4 hours (25/100 mg) and Ropinorole 3mg nightly. My major symptoms are exhaustion, pain in my leg muscles, pain in my joints, shuffling while humped over, balance issues, lightheadedness when standing, drooling, reduced arm swing when walking.

  • where do u live, do u have rigidity?

  • I live in the Nashville, TN area and I have some rigidity.

  • tx for replying i m i n canada, so what kind of foods or supplements u take

  • Hi Froggatt55,

    It DOES help...I guess I will just need to grin and bear it when the pain gets too bad and go to the gym. I'm like you where I have "spot" pain (i.e., pain in just one leg etc) and I'm thinking it just may be the PD progressing.

    I'll continue with the gym and see how it goes. Thanks for your help!

  • Hello Writer - I just noticed you line in Nashville Tennessee. I must tell you that I loved my visit to Nashville in 1996. the Grand Ole' Opry - but not in the Ryman Auditorium - seeing Tammy Wynette live, listening to Bluegrass music whilst on a Riverboat going up the Cumberland river.

    It was the holiday of a life time - I still played the 5 string banjo then - sadly that is a casualty of the beast because my left hand fingers cannot finger the strings

    Kind regards

  • You are welcome Writer

    For me the choice is (I believe) between giving in to the pain and progression of the disease or fighting the latter and accepting the pain as part of the price I pay for being "normal" for most of the time

    Kind regards

  • I recognice pain you are talking about, mine are on my right side - the PD side. I cuddle my right foot under when I walk or stand, and I think that's what is causing the pain in my leg and hips. Its especially hard to walk on asphalt, I should only be walking in the forest, but I live in the city. My physiotherpist gives me some needles With electricty that Works on my muscles - and some times I have periods of relieve of the pain. But at night it's bad and I also use some kind of of Gel that helps With the pain. I exercise a lot, Wii Fit, strenght, yoga - but the best thing for me is exercise in water. There I can do almost anything without pain. After a while the pain can disappear, but after a while, it turns up again. So I think this is due to my PD and I will have to do my best to live With it-

    (sorry for my English, I am not quite awake yet)

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