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Is there anyone with DBS taking Madopar or Sinemet and then added Azilect?


This question is for a friend who is not 'online'. He has DBS and on Madopar several times a day. His DBS specialist prescribed him Azilect, several months ago, which he took for about one week, but stopped because he perceived no benefit. His specialist told him that he did not give it enough time to work and wants him to start taking it again. To help my friend in coming to a decision is there any body who has DBS, taking Madopar or Sinemet, then added Azilect who can give their experiences, good or bad?

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I have written this many times here. Azilect is my "wonder drug"!!! I will never stop taking it. it took about 3 months for me to see a difference .I started using it way before it was available here in the USA, I got it direct from Teva pharm. in Israel.

hindle1245 in reply to JAYNIE

I had the dbs surgery a year ago on my left side , it worked well but now I think I need something else as well as the dbs. What is Azilect and can i get it in the USA

Hello Jaynie

Yes, I have seen your posts on Azilect and heartening they are too. However, when I opened up this thread, I didn't know if Azilect worked as well with a PwP who has DBS.

Thank you for your positive response and I particularly note the 3 months time period before you were sure of Azilects effectiveness.

Best wishes


I take sinemet and Azilect . It took about 3 months for Azilect to build up in my system to a therapeutic level. At first I was like your friend because the effect was so gradual. However about a week ago I ran out and it took 2 wks before I could get a refill. It was during that 2 wk time period I came to realize how beneficial Azilect was to me. The makers of Azilect tell you to allow time for it to build up. You also have to be mindful of certain foods to avoid if your on it.

Norton1 in reply to mistydog1

Thank you Mistydog1 for answer to my question. Speaking for myself, I am too impatient and want to quickly benefits. I suspect that some others are the same. Again, you say 3 months.

Thank you.


I suggest you have your friend call the company that makes Azileck, Teva. And speak to one of their reps in your area. We just had neuro surgeon speak to us on their behalf and although I don't remember this question being asked I know they are the experts and how the drug works

mktbob55 in reply to mktbob55

The DBS should not affect any of the parkinsons drugs. Azilects main purpose, if I remember correctly, is to maximize the efficacy of the natural dopamine your brain is still producing.

Norton1 in reply to mktbob55

Hello Mktbob55

Yes, I was particularly wondering if the DBS somehow modified the the effectiveness of the medications. From what you say, it does not.



I did try Azilect once after being on Sinimet several years. I did not titrate properly so I think I gave up too soon. I want to try again, but my neuro's not hearing it right now.

Norton1 in reply to PatV

PatV, I hope that your neurologist gives you another try at Azilect. There must be many of us that are not sure if a new , to us, medication is working and stop taking it too early.




You know I havent had DBS but i dont see how DBS would change things for your friend. It wouldnt be any different from taking any other medication, some tolerate and some dont.

Your friend is already taking Madopar and the purpose of Azilect would be to increase the effectiveness of Madopar. It is likely to be a mild and undramatic effect. I will be interested to read your report on his experience.

Norton1 in reply to Hikoi

Thank you for your input Hikoi. He takes Madopar doses many times throughout the day and I think rather baulked at taking yet another medication, so quickly stopped when it didn't show up any benefits. I will show him the helpful responses my question has received to see if they give him confidence to try Azilect again, but give it longer before he decides whether it is benefitting him or not.



Have been on a generic drug, no problems ,recently Modapar was substituted and all my systems derptrriirsted

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