Diabetes type1, PD and exercise help needed

Diabetes type1, PD and exercise help needed

I have both of the above diseases and need help in terms of exercise over a long period. Is there anyone out there with both conditions trying to battle both and win?

I find that either low or high blood sugars affect my PD and leave me unable to exercise as I would like. Is there a research group/ expert I could join or quiz?

I will not be beaten, still smiling and exercising! No. 494 with PD face on

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  • Do you have a diabetes nurse that could help? There must be people out there who have started an exercise programme and been able to get the advice they need to manage their diabetes.

  • It is the combination of the two. I've had diabetes for over 30 years and run marathons in the past. I@m due to see ddiabetes nurse in a couple of weeks. Thanks for interest!

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