48 hours without Coconut Oil

I had an interesting experience going without CO when I travelled recently. After about 30 hours I lost my sense of taste and didn't regain it until I reached home and resumed taking CO. Also I kept perceiving strange odors during that period. Now that I am taking CO regularly I can taste normally and the strange odors are gone.

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  • I had a similar experience in my travel to Europe last fall. The difference is that I did take 4 vials of Fuel for Thought each day. I don't have many data points, but I do know of a few PWP's who benefit from CO, but not from the CO/MCT mixture. I know of only one PWP who benefits from the mixture. For this reason, I do not think that the USF Alzheimers/FFT study (advertised as a CO study) has much relevance for PWP. I have purchased several glass 1oz (2T) bottles, which I carry in my bag. The CO melts readily in hot water or hot coffee. Hint: If a product is liquid at 70F (21C), then it is a mixture.

  • What is Fuel for Thought? I didn't realize there is a way to carry CO onto the plane, even though it was cold in Atlanta, where I was, and it was hardened. Do you put the CO in the glass bottles and you get through security with them easily?

  • How much CO do you take daily?

  • that's what I want to know. and how does it affect your elimination (does it make your stool sticky?) Sorry but I need to know. Thanks.

  • Nothing like that. But I no longer suffer from constipation.

  • Usually 8 Tbs. If I add it to my cooking it is more.

  • How and when do you take it? Thanks!

  • I take it in my beverages and put it on my morning cereal. I even put 2 Tbs in my water bottle.

  • Do you carry warm beverages? Coffee, soup, tea??? This stuff solidifies!

  • No I just carry my bottle of water to work with me. If the weather is cold it does solidify inside the water - sometimes I set it out in the sun. I put it in tea and coffee at home.

  • Dear Joyce,

    without coconut oil I do not get sleep at night.


  • I'm going on vacation in a month for a week, and have been trying to think of a way to take it with me. Probably will use a small container and put it in my carry-on bag.

  • Can anyone give me some ideas how to use coconut nut oil I.have ordered virgin coconut oil off Amazon and I can't wait to try it

  • Coconut oil: 6 tbsps per day (or more; adjust to your experience) Recommended: 2 tbsps at each meal and 2 before bed.

    Heat 1/3 coffee cup of coconut milk, the variety that contains 6g of sugar, place two tbsp. of coconut oil and after it melts in a moment, you have a tasty drink not unlike hot cocoa. For that matter, I sometimes add a chunk of sweet chocolate for flavor.

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