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my husbands had pd 28yrs dx aged 37yrs.coped well for years.began to get hallucinations 2yrs ago & had to be taken off most of his meds, which has caused him to lose his mobility.Now needs my care full will not risk putting him back on meds, they say hallucinations will return,been left in limbo.falls over a lot,dribbles & excess saliva all the time in his throat. only taking sinemet now & madopar disp if needed.

my first time of doing this, not very techno minded.

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Something similar to this happened to my husband about 13 years after dx at age 60. Consultant said that was as good as it would get so I tried some alternatives.

Vitamin K helped stop him 'freezing'. A teaspoon of coconut oil morning and evening helped with memory and mobility and he now sees a homeopath from time to time. Her remedies have helped enormously with mobility. From only getting round the house using a rollator he was soon able to get round without a stick. It is about 15 months since he first had a course of garment and he saw her again yesterday as his mobility has been getting worse again. We have high hopes he will soon be improving again. He also does not dribble nearly as much as he was doing. We are going to try acupuncture next to see if that can help his tremor. Good luck!


thanku for your reply just ordered coconut oil capsules,heres hoping.


Can you expand on the homeopathic remedies for mobility? Great to hear. I was diagnosed at age 37 -- 12 years ago. Am having more and more swings, and freezing, tremor, balance issues.


Amazin. You really need to consult a homeopath as they look at your entire medical history before prescribing anything. All I can really day generally is that the most common remedy used for PD is Mercury (in a low concentration if used alongside conventional meds). Parkinson's UK says never stop your prescribed meds but it is fine to use homeopathy as a complementary therapy.


I have consulted a Medical/ Naturopathic Doctor- Joel Wallach- Peace Prize Nominee. Also, I heard that a high protein diet will bring PD into remission. I saw it happen as I was a caregiver for a man with advanced PD in Minnesota. I am not prescribing anything. Just telling of a anticdotal that is bolstered by Dr. Wallachs findings in the general sense that disease is one or more nutritional deficiencies. 3x MDR of Instant Protein w/ enzymes, I have seen the success.


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