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Thanksgiving blessings


My 87 year old mother with PD is enjoying dramatically less anxiety, less depression, better muscle movements, twinkle in the eye facial expressions and more energy. We have been using doTerra essential oils and Life Long Vitality for a month and are grateful and thrilled. I am new to this forum, but wanted to share in hopes others may too find help. God bless.

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I am so pleased for you all. Hope you have an equally blessed Christmas.

adegrange in reply to bigmama53

Do these products ( vitamins and ddr) lessen symptons of losing train of thought patterns?


What are these oils do you massage them on the skin?

I have not heard of life long vitality, is it a pill?

where do ou get these oils and how do you use them? HappyThanksgiving to all!


What a coincidence -- we use homeopathy, but I am also this very moment looking at essential oils. I recently asked a masseuse to come an massage my partner and give me some tips. The session seemed really helpful and relaxing, hence my interest in the oils - a skillful massage may enhance the effect of the oils.


Wow - welcome to our site - please keep us updated. Love Helen

My aromatherapist has a special Pat's Pain Blend of essential oils that I rub on sore knees. And a lavender rub for bedtime.

Which one of the oils are you using and how much for each one? My daughter-in-law has started using the oils on her family and what a wonder they have done but didn't realize they could be used to help my excited about getting your answer.....

That's wonderful! I am a 46 year old female diagnosed with PD 6 years ago. I began using Doterra essential oils about a year ago. I have been using the Life long Vitality and DDR Prime for about a year now with incredible results. I have more energy as well and my muscle spasms have decreased a great deal. I loved these oils so much I became a distributor! Keep using them on your mother, these oils are a huge blessing and really do make a difference!

What oils do you use? I started my mother in law w/ oils. I have her using frankincense, lavendar & magnesium oil. She doesn't always use them so it's hard to say how effective they are. But they seem to help. How often do you apply? I also add coconut oil to her green smoothies.

Referencing life long vitamins and ddr prime. Fod tjese help in any way the symptom of constantly losing train of thought.

DoTerra oils are massively overpriced and in no way better than reasonably priced essential oils. Never mind the theory that essential oils improve Parkinson's symptoms, which I have found zero evidence of. Literally every group I belong to has hucksters trying to sell this and the other major Mormon MLM essential oil product. I find this absolutely disgraceful. Just google DoTerra and whatever the name of the other one is and "scam" and you'll see that this is essentially a cult with predatory pricing that sells its products with lies and false hope.

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