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Songs, surgery, and inactivity

You guys are great! I am having a good time with all the song suggestions, putting them in my Pandora and looking them up on youtube, (thanks for the suggestion of youtube). Thank-you, all. The music is helping me stay upbeat. Hubby is having surgery on Wednesday, then he is not to use his foot for 2 months. He can't use crutches, his balance is to bad. I am wondering what the inactivity will do to his PD. Anyone know what 2 months without much physical activity does to a person with PD? Is the effect worse than what a person without PD has? Two months of inactivity is bad for anyone. What should we expect?

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There's exercise he can do sitting. Things like arm circles or reaching above his head like climbing a ladder. APDA puts out a book you can get by calling 800-223-2732 or email .

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When I had DBS surgery, my theme song was "Break On Through to the Other Side " by the Doors.


check out You Tube videos for chair exercises including Pamela Quinn . After this surgery won't you be getting a visiting nurse and visiting physical therapist? I did after my hernia operation.


Hello cjsg

Youtube is simply the best.

I personally don't like 'message ' music 'message movies' 'message' anything.

Some videos of beautiful kittens and puppies always make me laugh and feel the weight on my shoulders has been lifted.


Check into some Yoga classes. Chair yoga is an option and he might enjoy the company. Also see if there is a PWP group in your area. They might have something set up. A good yoga teacher is a must!!! Good luck. P.S. He can also do yoga in bed.


Does your husband need to get assessed for different assistive technology to help him move around without putting weight on his leg? I am thinking of a walking frame which has arm rests on and which will support his weight. Surely they must exist.


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