Parkinsons and Pain

I was wondering whether anyone with Parkinsons had also developed sciatica. I have had Parkinsons for about 7 years and have recently developed very bad pain in my right hip which travels from my hip down through my leg to my foot. I was put on Gaberpentin, which initially controlled the pain. However, the pain has returned, but is now in both legs. I think the pain in my left leg is unrelated to my sciatica, but could be related to my Parkinsons. I do not like taking Gaberpentin and would not be happy increasing my dosage. I would be grateful for any comments.

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  • Iberproperan dulls the sciatica pain. somewhat for me but I only had it on one side

  • Sounds like you could benefit from a good musculo-skelatal workup such as a mri or ct of the spine. It's possible that you have central stenosis of the lumbar spine. This is a narrowing of the canal that accommodates the spinal cord producing symptoms in both legs.

  • Brilliant Advice etterus, i think it would be of great benefit.

  • I had sciatic pain in my right leg. A light touch chiropractor helped me.

  • My pain is in both legs and my back. It's constant and increasing, I was taking an nsaid and it helped but caused intestinal bleeding. Now I take tizanadine and hydrocodone, and morphine at night to help sleep. I have RLS and dystonia in my calves and feet. I take as little of the pain meds as possible, but it just keeps getting worse.

  • Hi I have sciatica in my left leg and have parkinson's , which mainly causes problems on my left side too, I have been to my GP recently and he believes that it is part of parkinson's. He gave me some co-codamol and I take 2 at night but manage during the day, I am also awaiting physio at the moment but had some reflexology recently and I have found this helpful

  • My Consultant told me that it is not related to my Parkinsons. I am still waiting for tests. co-codamol does not touch my pain and Gaberpentin does not last long enough. What next, I wonder?

  • Pain is very often an under reported part of Parkinson's. Does your pain fluctuate with your on/off periods and have you been to a pain clinic?

  • Pain is a real pain somedays!! I take Aleeve and it helps a lot. I really don't like pain meds,they don't work for me. I walk and do tai chi and it helps also. We have PD but everyone is different,we have to find what works for "you". This site is very helpful!

  • My hat's off to all of u parkies!!. No 2 parkies r alike. I hope 2 get 2 no all of u. I new I joined the rite support group. THANK YOU!!!! fronya

  • I had horrific sciatica years ago before PD diagnosis. I had a chiropractor I trusted, the treatments helped after a time period. I have found that regular stretching of the hamstrings, quads and pelvic muscles helps to lessen the sciatica episodes. Hope this helps, I know how painful it is.

    I had a nerve in my left thigh severed in a car accident, the doctor gave me gabapentin for it, but it did not help the pain or burning at all, the nerve innovation was gone.

  • I found with PD any pain gets off the chart. After several trips to ER, I learned to take meds when in pain, even if off schedule, have a snack (since I have visceral off, I have to eat immediately) and take an NSAID WITH A big glass of water.

  • gee , i don't believe that i have heard about my biggest pain problems all in one , right here. sciatica, yes in the spine/ also stenosis in the lower lumbar region. also have two fractured vertebrae ,that resulted from a doctor doing a colonoscopy . i'm taking gabapentine , and it does no good, i don't know how many shots i've had in my spine. nothing did any good. i do take vicodine during the day always with food. any pain pill take with food . or you could wind up with a bleeding ulcer. i guess i've just learned to live with the whole mess, don't sit to long , don't stand to long. or even be in bed too long . cramping in the legs is another one but for that i take calcium lactate. an that helps a lot. health food store. too many things to learnto live with, but it can be done. hang in there.

  • All the things you have said I can relate to. One of the hardest ones is 'don't stay in bed too long'. I find I have to get up every couple of hours and I need my sleep to function properly. I take Gaberpentine 3 times a day, but not with food. I must make sure I do this. Unlike you, I am still waiting for a referral to a Consultant for tests. It is taking forever. Thanks for answering.

  • Thanks to everyone who replied. I have taken on board all your comments.

  • Court

    Have you noticed any pattern. For instance is the pain worse when your meds have worn off and you are due for a dose? Does your PD medication help at all? (It does for me). See soups question too.

  • Hi Court, I can't add much except that I had very bad sciatica last year in one leg and then the other and my consultant told me that it was related to parkinsons and was very common but that its origins were different to sciatica in non parkinsons patients? I was prescribed gapapentin and then pregabalin and although they worked, i became allergic and had to quit. At the time I was taking Requip XL 12mg but have since started Sinemet plus 25/100mg x4 and reduced Requip to 6mg . Now have it under control but its something I know is there and and like everyone know I have to keep moving if I want to avoid another attack. Pain in parkinsons is not really accepted by many GP's..I was told there is no pain with parkinsons..Its a skeletal problem! Hope you get some relief soon.

  • I had the same symptoms you describe and was not PD. I had ESI ON FACET JOINTS , AFTER X-ray by pain management doctor and have had two now and each lasted a year apart.You have nothing btonloose except the pain. I also took gabapentin oral but switched to rx topical and that may help you as you can apply several times a day. My Neurologist wrote the Rx for topical. Hope this helps as it has given me full pain relief and burning sensation gone.

  • I forgot to mention the PD is still here but no sciatic pain.

  • what is ESI

  • I Have just these last 2-3 years suffered from the same problems and has asked the same quistions. The cause of MY pain was my right foot which constantly curled together - when I walked or stood still. It generated strong pains in my right hip going Down all the way outside my leg to my foot. I never had a day without that pain. But I was Lucky enough to find some excellent soles to put in my shoes, that came from Happy Feet, US. They are small, they are made of plastics, but turned out to be a miracle for me since I am now painfree. In additon to that I found lots of exersices on You Tube, searching for Hip pains. Good luck

  • About the ESI - Epidural Steroid Injection

    This was done to my facet joints in hospital same day surgery as an out patient, Time spent approximately

    2 hours and this included mild anesthesia, procedure and wake up and coffee time. He is a pain

    specialist that does this and MD. I had to have MRI of spine first and was done under fleuroscopy. To this date 10/30/13 I have NO PAIN and had it more years than I can remember but over 20 for sure off and on and this time it stayed on and NO relief. Afterwards I am thrilled to say the pain is gone. Also, after the injections you are to RESUME your normal activities that normally gave you pain and NOT go to bed. If you have for relief three hours, three days, then it is considered effective. If pain returns after said period another injection may be needed but

    three hours to three days minimum is my doctors time table. Hope this helps as it is personal reaction.

  • I have taken gaberpentin and it did not take away the pain,I am under pain management team and I have tried numerous pain relief for my chronic pain caused by pudendul neuralgia which I have had for4 years. The medication I take for parkinson is 125mg madapar and 157mg premipexole and the tapentadul 200mg and it takes a lot of the pain off.

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