Me and my shadow (aka my stalker)

I have got a stalker. I don't know whether it is male or female as I have never seen it, but it is always there. It has become such a part of my family that I call it Parkie.

I have tried to outwit it with no success. I have altered my routine, exercising at different times. going out at different times, but it is always there. It seems to be able to anticipate what I am going to do and is able to make my arms and legs move, even when I don't want them to.

Instead of there being two people in my marriage, it feels as though there are now three. I don't know why it has chosen me, but it seems determined to stay.

Perhaps I am not trying hard enough to get it to go. Maybe someone will come up with a way to get rid of it.

I will NOT let it take control of my life. I will carry on trying to outwit it. I know many other people suffer a similar problem. Let's hope together we can find a way.

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  • Brilliant words! :-) xx

  • Sums up how we all feel thankyou for posting

  • yes thank you --

  • Thought about it for a long time before posting in case it sounded stupid, but it just about sums up how I feel.

    By the way, my husband did not agree with my posting as he thinks I spend too much time on this site. He does not understand how much it helps to communicate with people who live with this condition on a daily basis. Also how much support and information I get.


  • Has your husband ever read any of our blogs?

  • Not really. He finds it easier to cope with by ignoring it as much as he can.

    Just thinks it helps me to keep everything as normal as possible. Perhaps he is right.


  • I wouldnt say he was right and Ignoring it wont make it go away but people have their own ways of coping with lifes varying challenges I guess. Do you think he could be a littled scared of what the future holds for you....and inevitably him?

    Anyway we are here for you :-)

  • Yes, sure you are probably right. We both saw my cousin, me more often than him, in the later stages of Parkinsons.

    I know everyone is different, but believe me it is not something I would ever wish to see again.

    He is entitled to deal with this as he sees fit and I am also entitled to deal with it in the way I see fit.

    It has always been my way to find out all about whatever I am facing, and I can't see any prospect of anything changing.

    This site has become very important to me and long may it continue.

    Thanks. Sue

  • Just reread my reply and it sounds a little harsh on my husband. He has had major illnesses in his life, namely cancer and a quadruple heart bypass and he dealt with these in his nown way.

    We have been married 42 years, so we must have something special. They say opposites attract!!

  • Sue

    It did not sound harsh at all, your husband has got alot to cope with himself and the fact you have been married for 42 years speaks volumes on you both....and I wish you both many more

    love Andy xx

  • Thanks Andy.


  • hi sue

    i agree i tis difficult when one does not get the sypprot from partners /husbands etc

    but i am up early and there r always blogs to respond to and change hte way i think fo the day

    love jill :-)

  • I think this is a fantastic piece, really interesting way of putting across how you feel.

    Bambi xx

  • That pretty much sums it one can understand how it feels to have Parkinsons unless they have it. This site is trememdously helpful to is validating to me that others have the same symtems, problems, etc ... as I do.

    Lately I have been in a panic, at age 55 I feel like I have so much I want to accomplish and places I want to travel to before I get so bad I can't anymore. Like most people I have to work and money is tight...just makes me panic.

  • Totally agree, no one really understands at all unless they have this. I know what you mean about panic, done lots of it since my diagnosis last august, but I'm 50 and have a lot in me to accomplish before I'm giving up!

  • Aw what a lovely piece, I'm sure we all feel the same. Xx

  • You definitely speak for so many of us, Thanks for sharing!

  • Yes, thank you. YOur strength make us all stronger.

  • Everyone, thanks for being there.

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