A continuance on finding words. Does anyone ever do what is called "word salad"?

Prior to my diagnosis and a few times since, I had episodes of "word salad". I would speak and the English language was not what came out of my mouth! I was conscious of it but literally could not produce the words I wanted to say! One time it was to my doctor's office, hope they did not think I had completely lost my mind, another was to a good friend whose father also had PD.

I knew in my mind that it was just jibberish coming from my mouth, but could not form any words!

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  • I don't think I have had that happen. I do feel like I'm beginning to studder and unable to pronounce words I've said thousands of times.

    When I was on my previous meds my husband would be talking to me and it took everything in me to be able to answer him, very slowly.

  • Yes!! Before I was diagnosed, I went through a period when I had difficulty in forming words. My tongue kept doing its own thing which was not a good idea since I was a local Councillor and used my voice in public speaking.

    I had to apologise for my incoherence and really force myself to think carefully about what I was saying.

    It has eased off, I am happy to say, to the extent that I had forgotten about it until reading your query.

  • Yes. I had this in the last year of teaching and have it now in meetings.

    Another present from parky.

  • Susie, I could not have described it better. This is exactly what has happened to me! At our Christmas family get together this year, I had to read aloud and was fearful that my tongue would trip up. Thankfully, I got through it! The increase in Sinemet has helped me; but I have found that when I am particularly fatigued, the "word salad" returns. :(

  • Thanks Cheri, glad I am not alone in that one!

  • You surely are not alone. I never heard of "word salad" but I sure have experienced it more than once. Sometimes my brain know what to say but can't get it out; sometimes the brain does not know how to get it out. Wish a cure would come for parkinson's and all sickness.... one day it wiii. Dennis

  • Hey Dennis,

    The term "word salad" is used more in the psychiatric field but does also apply to what I have experienced with my PD. I don't think people with psychiatric illnesses are aware that they are speaking jibberish. I have been aware of what was coming out in my mouth and it was not what my brain was telling it to say...

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  • It's really a secret language for those of us who have PD! :-)

  • I thought therre would be food for me in this question! Fooded again...

  • I'm glad we can find humor in all of this!

  • Perhaps a TOSSED word salad?

    I find myself doing more of what Dican described, stuttering and unwittingly mispronouncing.

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Well, it's in its early stages for me, but I have "go to" words...like "refrigerator" that pop out in place of other words at random times/

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