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Hi, my name is Jennifer Yao and I attend Rancho Middle School in Irvine, CA. I'm currently conducting a science fair research project that concerns Parkinson's Disease. I combined oriental medicine theories with current western medical research to hopefully help in finding the cause. I discovered some correlation between the body types of the people who are diagnosed with the muscle disease and a similar diet/medicine consumption. But, I have limited amounts of people I can survey (only my grandpa and friend's elders). Currently, I have 18 Parkinson's patients who have done the survey. The approaching deadline of Broadcom Masters is June 15th, and I would like to expand my sample size. Thank you!

(Parkinson's patients only) Survey Link:

(NON-Parkinson's patients above age of 44) Survey Link:

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  • Hi Jennifer,

    i have done your questionair, althogh i come from Scotland, hope it goes well for you



  • Thank you!

  • Good luck. I hope you find something that helps.

  • Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot :)

  • I tried the Ques but it didn't accept.

    I will answer any questions if you want to email me. Also I will be going to Cali in the next few months if that helps.

  • That's a bit strange...I will see if there is any problems with the link.

  • Haven't been able to access your survey. It tells me they already have my email but I don't remember filling out a survey for anyone.

  • Thank you so much! Your participation in the survey means a lot

  • Hopefully you will have a varied amount of information to work with

    I wish you all the best.

  • Thank you!

  • Hi Jennifer, I am from India. I have filled up your questionnaire. Hope it helps you. Since you mentioned oriental theory, i wish to make a comment. In India and China ( as i know), it i said that if we eat right kind of food in right amount, there will be no diseases.(" The body does not need medicine if good food is taken and bad food avoided") But PD is beyond that. I too have talked to many people and found that food has nothing to do with it.

  • Yes. I have heard that a Mediterranean diet is best :)

  • yes it is i personally know this as although born in britain all my people are spaniards and whenever i visit them i come back looking great but i personally believe that its not just the food although a great part of it garlic olive oil lots of fruit its also the routine everyday the meals are served at the same time the 1st main meal at 2.30pm the second meal not so heavy at 9.30pm that is why anyone who has been to spain will have noticed that apart from the big department shops all the shops close in the afternoons and open again about 5pm

  • hi jennifer

    its my brother who has parkinson and im on here because he has learning difficulties and i was the one who wrote to his doctor to ask for him to be examined and i find this site very helpful and am sure i can ask questions to help me understand more

  • Yes, this site is truly very helpful.

  • Hi Jennifer

    Just a quick observation you refer to Parkinsons as a "muscle disease". Which is incorrect. Parkinson's results from a decreaseof a chemical realease by the nuerons in the brain which in doing your project I am sure you know. The results of that decrease production of the chemical (dopamine) by the brain cells leads to decrease transmission across the synapsis of the nerve cell to recieving neuron receptors. Even flow of "muscle stimulation" is just one of the symptoms that can be exhibited due to lack of the dopamine being recieved. I am a

    scientist myself and have worked on such projects as the Human Genome. So I wanted to correct the statement of Parkinsons being a muscle disease.

    If history has taught us anything It may be oriental medicine holds the answers to replacing the chemical dopamine naturally verse all the medications and there side effects we endure. Good luck with your project there are a lot of people rooting for you

  • Very well put!

  • I agree. PD is neurological. The muscles can still do their thing, but they're not get the signal. Your questions need reviewing by a person experienced in writing surveys. But if this is indeed for research, then good for you! We need more!

  • Thank you! Yes, thank you for that correction.

  • Jen: You might like to check out this website: Howard Shifke cured his Parkinson's using Qigong, TCM, MEDITATION, stress reduction and an extremely positive Faith in His ability to cure himself by bringing his life into balance.

    If I can be of any further assistence please do not hesitate to email or call me. My info is on the survey...

    I retired from my Traditrional Chinese Medicine and ACUPUNCTURE practice due to PD symptoms.

  • Thank you! I have also heard about PD being cured by Qigong and am learning it myself.

  • I have had DBS surgery on both sides of brain. Slowed the progress. Gained back the 100 lbs I lost in one year shaking 24 hours a day. Now I can use power tools again. Good luck in your endeavor.

  • Thank you :)

  • I would be happy to fill out the form. I will write to you at your profile .I live near you. Thank you for your interest in our disease and best of luck to you.

  • Thank you so much!

  • It is so heartwarming to receive these comments and participants. My grandfather has Parkinson's disease, and its crippling symptoms inspire me to research about the disease.

  • Your Grandfather is very blessed with having a Grandaughter such as you. Please update us on how your research is doing. My husband has been off MEDS for quite awhile as they quit working and caused him HORRABLE side effects. It is four years today that he first fell, severely fractured skull and two bleeds within his brain, prior to this happening he did fairly well other than all the awful side effects from the MEDS, His fall was due to a piece of plastic on a flooring and he slipped on it, Thank you for what you are doing in researching, Imdo believe one day a,cure will be found. God Bless.

  • My experimental group has been increased to 75 parkinson's patients! Many are from HealthUnlocked, and some are from the support groups in Irvine which I spoke to. The control group (non-parkinson's patients) is still 22 patients. If your spouse or elderly family members can participate in the survey for non-parkinson's, I would appreciate it so much. Thank you for the support and encouragement to a young middle school student.

  • This science fair project has won first place in Irvine District Science Fair as well as Orange County Science and Engineering Fair. It's very rewarding to share the results of my project, as they point to interesting correlations.

  • spoke to my brother yesterday not sure what medication he is on but tells me that he can clap his hands now its something he was finding hard to do have not asked him yet about his walking but i shall be with him at the hospital on the 22 of this month and i will see for myself when he walks if he is lifting his feet i will update on here how his doing

  • question that may seem strange but my daughter said something to me yesterday that has made me think she mentioned that cancer is not an illness that goes back to i.e hundreds of years how long has parkinson been a disease dose anyone know i'm asking because her theory on it was to do with the food that we eat today may seem strange but made sense in some way

  • I'm a PwP and would like to complete survey, but when I click on link I get the following messages:

    This survey has been deleted or removed.

    Want to send a survey of your own?


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