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Sleep Neurologist visit

Last week I had a consult with a sleep neurologists. My main concern was that I have been on ambien/zolpidem for years. I usually take 3 or 4 5mg every 2-3 hrs when I wake up with urgency urination.

His response was similar to a MD that I saw 4 years ago.... Although they prefer not to use this class of drugs called benzos, it might be the best available. It is better to get regular sleep to enhance the neurotransmitter production even with the drugs. He also recommended a sleep study to identify any other potential problems or solutions.

I am looking forward to this to see if there is something better. Anxiety and depression are side effects. It would be great to eliminate or reduce one or both.

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How much sleep is enough? I am sleepy all the time no matter how much or how little sleep I get. I drink a lot of coffee and take caffeine pills to stay awake. I would take modafinil (Alertec,/Provigil or whatever) except that I read about the horrible skin condition that can result from modafinil so I decided caffeine is better. Does anyone have any tips on how to stay awake and alert? .


My Personal Care Physician prescribed Ambien for me. My neurologist and sleep doctor were both afraid of the potential side effects with Ambien. After the sleep study, they both agreed that clonazepam 0.5 mg was a better choice as it helped me sleep as well as Ambien and it helped reduce some of my Parkinson's symptoms. Have fun with your sleep study.

Wayne (MagicMax)


Indica…Marijuana…no side effects…all natural…sleep


Just got a Oregon card. Giving a try but don't want anything that ill impair my balance.... stil got urgency that puts me in a rush to get to the pot. I sometimes crawl on my hands and knees.


Use it before bedtime and then experiment for daytime use…get the indica and hopefully an edible since its a lot easier to use..Good Luck


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