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Manuka honey and Pancreatitis 🍯 🐝

Hi everyone, apparently honey is good for the pancreas as honey has many healing qualities and this is especially so with Manuka honey as Manuka honey contains Methylglyoxal which's a very powerful antibacterial agent and is what makes Manuka honey special as all honeys have antibacterial qualities but these are quickly broken down by our gastric juices before they reach our internal organs and its Methylglyoxal that makes it so special as its not broken down in the oesophagus. Manuka honey also has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits

Manuka honey with Methylglyoxal in is labelled as a UMF or its MCO which's the quantity of Methylglyoxal in the honey.

Manuka honey has been used successfully to treat peptic ulcers in NZ so this made me fascinated in it as I also suffer from microscopic colitis which is where the individual cells of my colon are prone to bleeding and its incurable so I've learnt to avoid triggers and turn to Manuka honey when it does flare up. The inflammation has been caused because it took so long for me to be diagnosed a coeliac that my own immune system attacked my colon. ☹️ The remedy for coeliac is a strict gluten free diet for life and my philosophy is I eat myself healthy, hence my interest in nutrition.

Here's a link about Manuka honey and pancreatitis, please see:

Certified Manuka honey is expensive but its still worth buying a good quality one.

Obviously anyone with diabetes wants to be careful consuming too much honey so its not a one size fits all but it has some amazing anti inflammatory properties and I usually only have a teaspoonful at a time.

So I imagine that Manuka honey could be very beneficial to those living with pancreatitis.

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I have tried using normal honey, but will try the Manuka one, thanks for the info

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