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Hi Cath here just dropping by to say HI and hope you are all keeping ok . I was diagnosed OCT2011 , still here and fighting , you will find my story on this site under patients stories , my cancer is unoperable but we all have to live in hope and do our best to fight this cancer .

When i was first diagnosed i found this site and Ali and her team helped me so much , just to talk and having people understand . I visit the site weekley and post answers to new patients who i feel will benefit through my talking to them .

Take care everyone

Cath x x x

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Hi happy that youre going strong. I was in the facebook room with you if you remember (my name is cath and my husband wad diagnosed december)..I left the fbook room because all our conversatios were coming on my wall which i was so so upset, because i try to keep my personal and my business life seperate. Anyway..I have a question for you..and for anyone tht can answer this.. I was told from sloan that PC doesnt go into remission..nd that continued treatment is necessary to help try to contain it. Do you continue to have treatment forver?


Hi there , firstly did yoy try to adjust your privacy settings on the facebook room , you can adjust them so they are private and no-one else can see them on your wall . yes it is correct PC doesn't go into remission , chemo can help contain the tumour but not indefiantly , its up to the patient and oncologist regarding the treatment , if your body can keep coping with the chemo , i haven't had any treatment since last August , i had continual chemo from jan 2012 through to August , i had to stop because my body was overloaded and causing me a lot of really ill times . My last scan showed a small increase in the tumour but no spread . hope that helps x x x x


Hello everyone

I had the wipple operation 3 years ago today and after 6 months of chemo I had 18 months of clear scan results and was doing really well. Until 12 months ago when my 3 month check up showed that the tumor had returned and I have been on chemo (gemcitebine+ a drug LDE225) from 30th April 12. My last scan result shows that in that time the tumor has grown 8 millimeters, and I have to come off the trial. I am staying on the gemcitebine for 3 weeks and then have another scan, and all depending on the result of the scan maybe go onto 2fu or another trial called Napoli. Cathdw what chemo was you on are you coping ok without any treatment, I don't know how long I can carry on having chemo as I am having to take pain killers and suffer aweful diahrea.Has anyone else been on chemo for a long period of time.

Many Thanks



Hi Kenny , i was on gemcitibine only , i came off it as it was making me feel worse , and my oncologist is happy at the moment not giving me any , I next see her in may and depending if my tumour markers have risen will depend if i consider any more , but the next line of treatment will be Capecitabine which is in tablet form . I am doing ok without the chemo at the moment , very tired all the time but coping , i know of a few that as been on chemo for a long time , but as to keep having breaks , i think quality of life is more important than quantity , i am so sorry to hear your cancer as returned , its such a horrid cancer .

Take Care

Cath x


How are you doing cath?


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