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pancreatic cysts

I've had 3 cysts on my pancreas for 7 years, 1 has double in size I had eus and the fluid they tested had double the amount of something which me a 60 to 70% chance it's cancer, I've to have another eau to check one of the other cysts and depending on the results of that they will decide whether to do the whipple operation or remove the whole pancreas, I only found out about this yesterday and I'm in total shock, any advice would be appreciated I'm 72 years old.

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Well I'm not sure it sounds like you have a lot of options. If it's cancerous then I'd think you would have to have the operation assuming they will. I'd research the ramifications of having the entire pancreas out and what life would be like going forward. Also check your Doctors out via some method to be sure they have the experience and track record. I'd guess they would but doesn't hurt to check.

I wish you well.


thank you keidor I'm doing checks.


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