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Granny just diagnosed

My granny recently was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I was on here to see if there was any way she could be cured but I'm not sure if surgery is possible and I am starting to get really worried. She is a tough old lady and I hope she will get through this and scene as I'm only 13 I don't know who to go to or what I can do to help I'm sure that's better than locking myself in my room and crying. I don't want my little brothers to see me worried as they might do the same. I just want answers. Comment any advice.

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Hello there, I'm sorry to hear that your granny is unwell and I understand you are worried about her and that you are concerned about your little brothers and want to protect them. Its very brave to reach out here and we will help you in any way we can. I am a former pancreatic cancer patient and I started the charity Pancreatic Cancer Action 5 years ago. My own sons were 14 and 10 when I was diagnosed, so I understand some of what you may be feeling. I will be happy to chat to you if you would like - the number is 0303 040 1770 and the office is open again on Monday morning.

How people do with pancreatic cancer depends on many things - how fit they are, whether the cancer has spread to other parts of their body etc etc. There are many treatment options that may be available for your granny as well. Please try not to look at the statistics for this disease as they can be a little scary. They are all based on averages and you need to remember that all of us are different and how we respond to treatment etc will be different too.

I hope this helps a little.



My mother had the Whipple operation (November 2014) - to remove the cancer, last year a lady who also underwent the surgery was 84 years old.

My mother has never received any chemo etc, just had the whipple.

Sounds like this is a newly diagnosed case - only an Oncologist and surgeon can advise if she's a suitable candidate for surgery.

You're a very brave young lady - asking these questions, keep your chin up.


I agree with this - only the medical team treating can advise on the options available - I hope your mother is continuing to do well.



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