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We are sometimes lucky when, after a flare up we can take an initiative and begin to try and reduce our medications that we have had too take, carefully we start to reduce doses, though it takes a long period of time and can take a while to balance our medications to a lower level to give our bodies a rest from these pills that can cause us to rely on them far to much, They also become a crutch for us that weakens our resolve. It can become a chore like smokers who try and stop smoking. So that we need to be strong willed to do this as it can change our mood and cause us to be over reactive to family and friends..

Some medications that we have to take make us put on weight and look grey, so if we have time we try and loose a few stones that we have added to our waists

Slowly or quickly depending on the wimms of our complaint we have to begin and increase our doses once more, although the body has had a rest from the heavier doses that we have had too take, Positive thoughts we have had time to culture give us strength to continue our lives that are suffering from chronic pain.

One thing I can never understand is those who take these drugs for recreation, many of us would do anything not to take these chemical bombs.

All the best


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Exhausted reading this, just been to my GP 10am this morning. I explained I'm fed up of taking drugs that don't alleviate the pain, but make me rattle - whooppeeee NOT! :) Having explained my mother was a Pharmacist, my husband (now deceased) was a Toxicologist with a pharmacology degree, I don't want to take medication unless it will actually help me with my pain. Is it possible to just take one 'good' painkiller as opposed to a concoction?

Simple to understand?

Came away with a prescription for 3 more items to my prescription, one to counteract the one tablet, then the inflammation tablet and yet another painkiller, and the other a painkiller on top of the other two which will work to complement the other.

Which part did they not understand - so now EVEN MORE PAINKILLERS to try for another six weeks. So my prescription is now running over to two pages. DOH. My fear is they have to counteract one tablet by prescribing another tablet? So the possibility of more side effects from each tablet.

Ummmm will try for six weeks and see if I actually notice a difference. :(

The thing is everyone knows as you said above, the longer you take them they then need to increase the dose, also prescribe another. Grrrrr (I'd say off to hide but I'd rattle so no hiding for me).


A few months ago I discussed going back on gabapentin with my pain clinic doctor. Even though I have botox for my pain I needed something for when the botox inevitably wears off. We planned it that I would take a small dose and gradually increase it, and if there was no improvement after a few weeks I could safely say it wasn't working and come off it again.

But somehow I couldn't bring myself to make that appointment with my GP to get the prescription. There really did seem no point in going back on medication that had made absolutely no difference in the past. That was also the view of the hospital pharmacist they'd sent me to see a few years ago.

I have so far avoided more pills and the GP's waiting room this year, partly through sheer bloody-mindedness and partly through trying a bit of physio. So far I am winning, although the botox has worn off this past week.

If medication works for you - great. But for the rest of us, it's a game of frustration. I've done better sticking with the things that do help the pain and chucking out the stuff that doesn't. It just took a long time to get there.


Hello everyone

We I suppose would agree that pain control fails to work fully at any real time although I suppose after a flare Iam lucky that I have a respite and because the pain was so bad when flaring the respite can be noticable and I can reduce the medications for 4 or 8 weeks, then it is back again and you again have to play catch up with my condition. The problem I am having now is the pills do not work and we have to take the cocktails when we I am really bad

One problem with above is that if I did not try and reduce my meds for a time their effects would be ineffective, so I cut back. You then become a cat on a hot tin roof, my basic medications have not really changed for quite a period now, so I do this to get a better effect from it. however small or large

At the moment I will possibly have to change my GP and I am not looking forward to it and I do not want to end up like the both of you with excessive medications. and a concofeny of tablets that do not work, as my meds now are at the highest level that they have been for a long time when I suppose I will have to do the same again in the future

I hope I have explained where I am coming from

All the best



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