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fun quiz - Sweets answers


1. Sly giggles SNICKERS

2. High class thoroughfare QUALITY STREET

3. Money making royalty MINT IMPERIALS

4. Dark occult BLACK MAGIC

5. Mother’s local MARS BAR

6. Clever folk SMARTIES

7. Various black items LIQUORICE ALLSORTS

8. Sport for princes POLO

9. Frankie Vaughan wanted it MOONLIGHT

10. Good children get these TREATS

11. Feline equipment KIT KAT

12. Garden flowers ROSES

13. Assorted girls DOLLY MIXTURES

14. Dairy holder MILK TRAY

15. Arrange marriage partners MATCHMAKERS

16. Edible fasteners CHOCOLATE BUTTONS

17. Wobbly infants JELLY BABIES

18. Talk quietly WISPA


20. Gem orchard OPAL FRUITS

21. Spin around TWIRL

22. Capital granite EDINBURGH ROCK

23. Lorry drivers’ snack YORKIE

24. 100% Au ALL GOLD

25. Istanbul harem TURKISH DELIGHT

26. Up out there MILKY WAY

27. Even more out there GALAXY

28. Big cats pub LION BAR

29. Noisy insect HUMBUG

30. One who wanders DRIFTER

31. Musical bard MINSTRELS

32. Lots of parties CELEBRATIONS

33. Outside meal PICNIC

34. Easily blown FUSE

35. Locals from Malta MALTESERS

36. Reward BOUNTY

37. Ten cent pub DIME

38. Toothless drink WINE GUMS

39. Lost them? MARBLES

40. Sweet tooth cleaner CANDY FLOSS

41. Pub pins SKITTLES

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Good one....... my mind would never have got the answers lol.